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While New Jersey does issue carry permits/licenses to residents and nonresidents, it is known to be a difficult process. Contact your local police department for specific information. New Jersey does not recognize permits or licenses from any other state. Anyone looking to carry a firearm in New Jersey should educate themselves fully on exactly what is and what is not allowed under New Jersey Law. New Jersey does NOT recognize the New Hampshire Nonresident Carry Permit/License as a legal way to concealed carry in their state.

However, by getting the State of New Hampshire’s Nonresident Carry Permit/License, you can INCREASE the number of states you CAN carry in.


New Jersey Concealed Carry Permit

Read below to view the most recent laws, regulations and guidelines regarding New Jersey’s Concealed Carry Laws As Of 2020*



Does This Course Qualify Me To Obtain A New Hampshire Nonresident Carry Permit/License?

Yes. You will NOT be applying for your permit in the state you reside. This is for you to obtain a New Hampshire Nonresident Carry Permit/License which is accepted in many states as a valid concealed carry permit, but NOT in New Jersey. This is good for reciprocity to other states only for New Jersey residents and nonresidents.

How Long is the New Hampshire Nonresident Carry Permit/License valid?

New Hampshire Nonresident Carry Permits/licenses are valid for 5 years. We suggest you apply at least 90 days before the expiration of your permit to be sure you have plenty of time to submit it to the New Hampshire State Police to be renewed to allow enough time for you to get your new permit before the old one expires.

How to apply for your New Hampshire Nonresident Permit:

To apply for your New Hampshire Nonresident Permit: As a nonresident, you can take the online CCW permit from New Hampshire.

  1. Complete firearms training course at an accredited site like National Carry Academy (
  2. Download and print a certificate of successful completion.
  3. Apply to New Hampshire website. See ( If you have questions, contact the state of New Hampshire (
  4. Download an application at:
  5. Send application with a check for $100 to:
    Department of Safety
    New HampshireDivision of State Police
    Permits and Licensing Unit
    33 Hazen Drive
    Concord, NH 03305


To obtain your New Hampshire Nonresident Carry Permit/License, you will need to submit an additional $100 made payable to the New Hampshire Police.

This class/training is only valid for one year before you apply for your permit. If you do not apply within one year, your training will not be valid and you will have to retake training per state law.


*Laws and outlines are updated to the best of our ability.

New Jersey Conceal Carry Laws Updated As of 2020.*

Reciprocity Guidelines for New Jersey

New Jersey is a May Issue state that does not recognize permits/licenses issued by other states.

Applying for a Permit in New Jersey

The initial and renewal application for carry permits in New Jersey have the same process:
a. Obtain a New Jersey Permit to Carry Application Form.
b. Have all the original documents notarized.
c. Submit 4 color passport-sized photos along with the application form.
d. Complete the Form SP-66 (Consent for Mental Health Search)
e. A letter which explains in detail the reason why a carry permit is necessary. For armored car guards, the letter of explanation shall be obtained from the C.E.O. of the company they are working for. The letter should be notarized.
f. Proof that you are qualified to carry a handgun obtained from a certified firearm instructor.
g. Permit fee which costs $50.00 which will be paid to the State Treasurer.

Note: It is difficult to obtain a carry permit from New Jersey.

Applying for a Non-Resident Permit

Non-residents may apply for a carry permit at any police station in New Jersey. Armored car guards should submit their application to the New Jersey State Police.

New Jersey Code
The laws regarding firearms can be found in Chapter 39 and Chapter 58 of the New Jersey Code. Laws on firearms and weapons can be viewed in this link.

Carry Permit Limitations

2C:39-5. Carrying of firearms in any school, university, college or other educational buildings and their property including school bus and facilities used by the students is not allowed.

New Jersey Administrative Code
19:45-1.13. Firearms; Possession within Casino or Casino Simulcasting Facility.
Carrying of firearms within casino or casino simulcasting facilities is not allowed even for the members of the security department unless a written authorization from the Commission is obtained by an individual who possesses a valid permit to carry.

To obtain a written authorization from the Commission, an individual should provide the following:
a. Proof of qualification to possess and use a firearm.
b. A valid carry permit.
c. A valid reason to possess a firearm in a casino or casino simulcasting facility.

Casinos or casino simulcasting facilities are required to post a notice stating the following: “By law, no person shall possess any pistol or firearm within the casino or casino simulcasting facility without the express written permission of the Casino Control Commission.”

Note: Cities and towns are allowed by the New Jersey state to establish laws and ordinances regarding firearms. To know more about this, see the “Carry Law Preemptions for New Jersey” section below.

Possessing and Transporting Hollow Point Ammunition
The state allows carrying, transporting and using of hollow point ammunition among sportsmen.
N.J.S.A 2C:39-3f.
Under this section, the possession of a hollow nose ammunition is restricted on particular locations including the individuals’ own home, place of business or other property. There are conditions where purchasing of such ammunition is permissible.

A person shall be allowed to purchase and possess a hollow nose ammunition if he or she falls on any of the following:
A member of a rifle or pistol organization established in compliance with regulations of the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice
An individual who possesses a valid hunting license issued by New Jersey
An individual who is going to a shooting range
An individual who carries such ammunition for “practice, match, target, trap or skeet shooting exhibitions.”

N.J.S.A. 2C:39-6f requires sportsmen to adhere with the provisions of such section. When transporting a firearm in a vehicle to a shooting range, it should be kept in a secured container or separated in the vehicle’s trunk. As much as possible, the course of the travel should be direct to the target range.

Individuals below 18 years old shall not purchase or barter a firearm and individuals who are below 21 years old should be authorized to carry firearms for their official duties.

Gun Sign Requirements and Limitations

There is no enough information to identify the validity of “No Gun” signs in New Jersey, so recommends that carriers should treat such signs to have the force of the law. When you come across a property with a sign prohibiting the possession of firearms, just walk away and leave the premises.

Police Contact Carry Inform Requirements

The New Jersey law does not state that carriers are required to inform police officer on contact or carry their license whenever their firearms are in their possession. But then, recommends you to always bring your valid license when carrying a firearm.

Carry Restrictions for State, National and other Public Lands

Carrying of firearms on state parks within the state of New Jersey is prohibited. However, carrying in national forests, state WMA’s and road side rest areas is allowed.

Traveling in a Vehicle with a Firearm without a New Jersey Permit

Carrying of a loaded firearm in a vehicle without a carry permit is illegal in New Jersey. To know more about carrying an ammunition, see the “Carry Permit Limitations” section above. recommends you not to take your firearm to New Jersey if you are not familiar with their laws regarding the possession of firearms.

New Jersey is very restrictive with concealed carrying, and the Supreme Court advises everyone who wants to travel to the state to know all the rules concerning firearms and weapons.

Carrying and transporting a handgun in a vehicle without a New Jersey firearm purchaser ID or a carry permit from New Jersey is illegal. Transporting is permissible to and from the shooting range and own property. Carrying while hunting is allowed but there must be a valid hunting permit.

What are Assault Weapons in New Jersey?
Assault weapons include any of the following:
a. Semi-automatic rifle that can accept detachable magazines and has 2 or more of the following:
• Telescoping stock
• Pistol grip
• Bayonet mount
• Flash suppressor
• Grenade launcher
b. Semi-automatic pistol that can accept detachable magazines and has 2 or more of the following:
• Magazine that can be attached outside the pistol grip
• Threaded barrel where a flash suppressor, barrel extender or silencer can be attached
• Shroud on the barrel to prevent burning for the operator
• Weight of 50 ounces or higher without the bullets
• Automatic firearm’s semi-automatic version
c. Semi-automatic shotgun that has 2 or more of the following:
• Telescoping stock
• Pistol grip
• Accepts detachable magazines

Interstate Transportation of Firearms
Purchaser identification cards, firearm registration and licenses are not required for individuals who are transporting firearms in a vehicle under the federal law 18 U.S.C.A. 926A provided that the firearms are unloaded and kept on secured containers or kept on the vehicle’s trunk or in a separate compartment.

Interstate transportation of firearms is allowed if the following conditions are met:
• The handgun is unloaded
• The individual carrying the firearm is legally allowed to carry such by the state where he comes from
• The individual carrying the firearm is legally allowed to carry such by the state of his destination
• The firearm and the ammunition are not accessible for the passengers
• If there is not separate compartment in the vehicle where the firearm can be kept, it should be locked in a container.
• The person carrying the firearm was not previously convicted by the court of any criminal offense
• The person carrying the firearm does not have mental disorders

Investigation of Conduct Involving Transportation of Firearms
An officer is allowed to conduct to make reasonable inquiries on a person who is suspected to transport a firearm in New Jersey and investigate if the possession is permitted by the federal law. If it is legal, the person shall be allowed to transport the firearm within New Jersey. But if the officer believes that the person violates the law, he or she may arrest the person.

Open Carry Laws for New Jersey

The state of New Jersey does not allow open carrying. To be able to carry a firearm, a person must have a license to carry a concealed firearm. This means that only concealed carrying is permissible in New Jersey

Carry Law Preemptions for New Jersey

Article 4, § VII, par. 11 Of The New Jersey State Constitution Confers Broad Powers On Municipalities And Counties:
Municipalities and counties have the right to regulate the possession, sale, purchase, use and transportation of firearms, explosives and fireworks provided that the rules and regulations are consistent with state and federal law.

New Jersey Laws for Use of Deadly Force

New Jersey Permanent Statutes
Title 2C The New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice
2C:3-1. Justification an Affirmative Defense; Civil Remedies Unaffected
2C:3-2. Necessity and other justifications in general
2C:3-3. Execution of public duty
2C:3-4 Use of force in self-protection.
2C:3-5. Use of force for the protection of other persons
2C:3-6. Use of force in defense of premises or personal property
2C:3-7. Use of force in law enforcement
2C:3-8. Use of force by persons with special responsibility for care, discipline or safety of others
2C:3-9. Mistake of law as to unlawfulness of force or legality of arrest; reckless or negligent use of excessive but otherwise justifiable force; reckless or negligent injury or risk of injury to innocent persons
2C:3-10. Justification in property crimes

State and City Laws for Carrying Knives

To know more about the laws concerning the use and possession of knives, click on this link.

Laws for Carrying Where Alcohol is Served

The state of New Jersey allows restaurant carrying. “Restaurant carrying” means carrying a firearm in restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages. This may or may not mean that individuals are allowed to sit on the bar area of the restaurant when a firearm is in his or her possession. recommends you not to occupy the bar area because there are states that consider this act as illegal.

Some restaurants are using “No Gun” signs on their property to prohibit the possession of handguns. When carrying a firearm, an individual should not consume alcoholic beverages because a single drink is already an offense for some states. To know more information about restaurant carrying, check the laws of the state where you reside in.

Electric Weapons, Defensive Sprays and High Capacity Laws

High Capacity Magazines
New Jersey does not allow selling, purchasing, transporting and possession of higher capacity magazines or other feeding devices. Only those who are members of the military force or law enforcement officers are allowed to possess such.

New Jersey Revised Statutes
§ 2C:39-9h. “Larger capacity magazine” refers to any type of container designed to hold more than 15 bullets for a firearm.

Stun Guns/Electric Weapons
2C:39-3. Stun guns and electric devices are prohibited in New Jersey.

Defensive Sprays
2C:39-6i. Individuals who are not previously convicted in the court of any criminal offense are allowed to carry defensive sprays that are pocket-sized and can contain only three quarters of an ounce of any chemical substance capable of incapacitating or producing physical discomfort temporarily.

Relevant Court Cases and Opinions of New Jersey AG

There are no court cases and attorney general opinions related to firearms are found, but this does not mean that there are no court decisions and AG opinions.

Additional Information and Airport Requirements

No laws are found concerning carrying of firearms on airport terminals and parking lots. There is no set time period for the validity of training in New Jersey and no time period specified to establish an individual’s residency. A person who wants to obtain a carry permit from this state should be at least 21 years old.

Laws on Using Firearms: 2C-58-1 thru 2C-58-18 and 2C:39-5
Laws on Using Deadly Force: 2C-3-1 thru 2C-3-10
Laws on Using Knives: 2C-39-1, 2C-39-3, 2C-39-6 and 2C-39-9.1
Laws on Using Chemical and Electric Weapons: 2C-39-3, 2C-39-6 and 2C-39-9
Laws on Using Body Armor: 2C-39-13

Supplemental Information

A loaded or unloaded firearm is not defined in the law of New Jersey. Because of this, we should assume that an unloaded firearm should not have an attached magazine or ammunition.

State of Emergency
The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management may have to control during a state of emergency. Their website can be viewed through this link.

N.J.A.C. 13:54-6.7 Regulations During a Civil Disturbance or Declared Emergency Period
Firearms manufacturers and dealers shall stop the firearm and ammunition sales if the municipality believes that it is necessary not to endanger the safety of the public. The resume of business shall take place upon notification of the Superintendent or chief of police. If a dealer fails to comply with this, the license for the business may be revoked.

Note: The federal law is applicable if the state is receiving financial assistance from the federal government during a state of emergency. To know more about the federal laws applicable during state of emergencies, check the US Code 42-5207.

Age Requirements for Carrying or Moving Firearms

The minimum age requirement to carry and transport an unloaded firearm in a vehicle without the need for any type of permit is 21 years old. Other states require individuals to have Identification Cards and firearms registration.

Note: Some states are restrictive when it comes to the possession and transportation of firearms that they only allow doing so to and from the gun shops, repair shops, shooting range, and own property like house and place of business. Other states do not have restriction.

To know more about the laws concerning the possession and transportation of handguns, check the laws that apply to your state. Also see the “Traveling in a Vehicle with a Firearm without a New Jersey Permit” section above for more details on transportation of firearms.


4/12/15 – Initial page created.