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We are excited about your interest in our affiliate program! Over the last four years, we have built a leading firearms training company focused on the student and made available on a national scale. Our desire is to continue to make conceal and carry training certification available to the masses while ensuring industry leading knowledge and resources.

Unlike other licensing companies, promotes & encourages an engaged student by providing them with consistent followup on training well after they have taken our course. This concept has helped National Carry Academy become the leading training company in the Midwest and is allowing us to roll out a nationwide institute to further promote and encourage safe and proper personal defense.

National Carry Academy Refer A Friend Program – How Does It Work?

Every student of will automatically be signed up for our affiliate program. Once you have taken our course your e-mail address automatically becomes a coupon code that is tracked in our data based. From that point forward anyone you refer may use your e-mail address as a coupon code when they are at the checkout cart. The new student uses your coupon code at our checkout cart they will receive a discount for their purchase as well as you getting a referral fee!

Do I Need To Be A Past Or Present Student To Join Your Refer A Friend Program?

No. We understand there are people who may want to join in our program but already have their CCW permit or are maybe an instructor themselves. If you are interested in joining our program but haven’t gone through our sign-up process please contact us at|

We will be happy to get back to you within 48 hours with a referral code that is specific to you or your business.

How Much Does The Refer A Friend Program Pay?

Our referral program is based on a tiered system. The more people you refer, the more money you make! Our referral structure is as follows:

1-24 referrals/month | $10 per referral
25-49 referrals/month | $12 per referral
50-99 referrals/month | $15 per referral
100-149 referrals/month | $17 per referral
150 and up /month | $20 per referral

Compensation will be paid out in the form of a check and will be distributed within 60 days of the purchase. There is no minimum to our program and best of all there is no maximum.

Tips To Make More Money!

Social Media is a great place to start: Facebook, Twitter, G+ are great avenues to send a quick message letting your friends know if have ever been interested in taking their concealed carry permit class now is an excellent time to do so. Provide your affiliate code and let them know they will receive a discounted price. If one message on Facebook refers 5 friends right away you’ve made $50.

Add a link to your website: this is a great tip for instructors who already teach classes in their own state but don’t offer an online version of their class for anyone they may know in states that allow for online course. Business that sell products or related services can add additional revenue streams by advertising a link on the side of their homepage. Pro tip: if you’re interested in adding a banner graphic to create more awareness our team is happy to custom design a banner for your website – free of charge!

Remember personal recommendations work the best: while we love links and banners as mentioned above, nothing gets better results than a personal recommendation. If you’ve been one of our 10,000+ students then a great way to start making money through our affiliate program is to write a review about our class & website. Whether it’s a short post on social media or a longer review in a blog – we are always happy to see your feedback and hear new students were referred.

Interested in our course? Use the coupon code 10OFF2015 and receive $10 off your next class!

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