October 24, 2018


There you are going about your daily business, when suddenly a bad guy comes at you demanding your money or your life. What will you do?


A 63-year-old autoworker with a concealed weapons license shot a 43-year-old gunman who confronted him and attempted to rob him in the lobby of the Citizens Bank in Warren, Michigan. The gunman suffered three non-fatal gunshot wounds to each arm and a leg. The 63-year-old did not face any charges as he was simply exercising his Second Amendment rights.


A 36-year-old concealed carrier in Milwaukee, WI was out walking his dog on a weeknight in his neighborhood when two teens attempted to rob him. He pulled his gun and fatally shot one teen and seriously wounded the other.  The Milwaukee resident was questioned but not arrested in the shootings.


A 57-year-old customer at a crowded Walmart Supercenter in broad daylight in Las Vegas, NV shot a mugger in the parking lot. The attacker dropped his gun and ran and got in a car and sped away from the parking lot. Police said the customer was well within his rights to defend himself


A concealed carrier waiting to deposit a check at a Birmingham, AL branch of Wells Fargo fired a shot at a and scared off a would-be bank robber after the robber cut in front of him and told all the customers to get in the corner on the ground and then proceeded to give the bank teller instructions. The concealed carrier complied with the robber’s request and then drew his pistol and fired just missing the bank robber who fled the scene. Police were waiting outside to apprehend the robber.


Real life concealed carry defensive gun use incidents are nothing like how we train at the range. It’s hard to judge how precisely things will go once you draw your gun with the intent of using it on a guy threatening your life. However, being prepared to defend your life and the lives of others around you is the key. A good firearms training class will give you a newfound respect for your gun and help you understand that you want to do everything you can to avoid ever having to use that gun.  If you do, though, you’ll be prepared.


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