Why is a National Conceal and Carry Permit a Good Idea?

July 5, 2019

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

When the national concealed carry reciprocity act becomes law, all states will be required to accept concealed carry permits from other states. This may almost be anticlimax. For months now Virginia has been offering a concealed carry course which will lead to granting a concealed carry permit.

While this permit is not accepted by every state, a growing number of states is accepting this permit. With the concealed carry reciprocity act, this permit may well  become the vehicle whereby all who have a weapon get a permit to concealed carry anywhere in USA.

Why is a national conceal carry permit a good idea? First it is fair and equitable that any American citizen who may legally purchase a handgun may conceal carry that weapon in any American state.

Next, having a national permit removes confusion regarding transporting that weapon across state lines. Previously, people have innocently carried their weapon from one state to another and been charged because their permit was not legal in the other state and/or they were not allowed to have a handgun in the other state.

Having a national concealed carry permit will also cut costs and save time for those who own handguns. One permit will be accepted throughout USA rather than handgun owners having to get a permit for every state they might visit. 

There is little to no downside for individuals to a national conceal and carry permit unless they presently reside in a state that does not require a permit. Even there, residents are often encouraged to get a permit such as the Virginia Concealed Carry permit in   case they wish to carry out of state.

There are some concerns about the Virginia Concealed Carry permit however. One handgun owner who took the test and got 18 out of 20. Yet by her own admission she skipped watching the gun safety video. There was also no on-range hands-on practice. The course is taken online. How careful is the check for age? What type of checks are in place for eligibility for a concealed carry permit.

Why is there resistance to this piece of legislation?

States and municipalities fear they will lose local control over concealed carry. But, this legislation merely forces the state and local jurisdictions to accept the national permit. It in no way stipulates where and when weapon owners can conceal and carry. That still remains the right and responsibility of local and state legislators.

Perhaps, states and municipalities see this legislation as but a first step to take away their power regarding concealed carry weapons. Only time will tell whether they are justified in their concern.

Meanwhile, pro-gun rights groups, the National Rifle Association, and those who defend the Second Amendment see a National Conceal and Carry Permit as logical and long overdue.

Certainly any citizen who unwittingly broke the law by carrying a weapon across a state line and was charged for their innocent transgression will see the National Conceal and Carry Permit as a good thing!