What are the Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry?

December 14, 2018

If you’ve just purchased your first concealed carry handgun, chances are you are also thinking about buying a gun belt too. However, when you cast your eyes over the selection in the holster area of the store, you are overwhelmed by the choices.

There is a stunning array of gun belts and holsters so many different styles and configurations that you have no idea what you should select. Am I right?

When you have a concealed carry weapon it is crucial to have the right gun belt to go with it. Your weapon needs to be comfortable to wear, safe, easy to reach, and…well concealed. Isn’t that the whole point?


Gun belts are like any other type of belt. They need to fit your body shape. If you select one that you like the look of but it’s not right for you then the results can  be uncomfortable and downright dangerous. The best gun bet will make carrying a concealed handgun second nature.


Whether you’re male or female, three hundred pounds or ninety pounds soaking wet. There’s a perfect gun belt out there for you.  You want to feel comfortable carrying that gun so it is vital to find the most suitable gun belt.

What a Concealed Carry Gun Belt Should Do

A Concealed Carry Weapon belt has to hold the weight of the pistol and holster. It also has to accommodate anything else you want to hang from it. I’m talking about ammo, cell phone, maybe a flashlight.


You’ll find lots of leather belts in stores.  Forget them. They will be inadequate for a concealed carry weapon. They just aren’t built for that kind of weight.  Sure. A concealed carry loaded pistol might weigh only two to three pounds. However, here is something to pay attention to: That weight is all in one place.

That single placement puts stress on the belt. You will get what’s known as gun sag. This can lead to dropping your pistol. Not good.

So what should you look for in a gun belt? Choose nylon web or some other non-leather material with a high thread density of 600D or more.

Choose a flat color. Black and brown are good choices. You may like flashy colors but they scream, “I am carrying.” They also say, “I am a dork.” You do not want the attention brightly colored gun belts will bring.


Look for a belt that is double thickness and one with a stiffener. You want a gun belt with “spine”. It shouldn’t break, lose its shape, crease or bend.

Look carefully for a gun belt that is the right width. Belts are usually a inch to an inch and a half wide. Check to make sure your belt loops will accommodate the  belt width. Make sure the belt allows for adjustability. Most gun belts have five to seven belt holes. You may instead choose a “ratchet” belt. The ratcheting buckle will allow a wide range of adjustment.

Your concealed carry gun belt should be comfortable and attractive. Remember a gun belt is firstly a belt. It should go with your wardrobe. Black is always a safe choice. It goes with everything.

Check to see if the belt comes with a trial wear period. You want a belt that does the job of concealed carry. But, you also want one that is built to last, and looks good with what you wear.