September 12, 2017

No doubt, you have read the news stories or heard politicians advocating for the banning of the use of firearms by citizens and/or prohibiting firearms in public areas. You might not have ever needed a firearm to protect yourself from any threat. Why would you even want to consider carrying a firearm?

The world is a dangerous place. Bad people prey on weak and helpless people. Just watch the evening news and you can see how often some defenseless woman has been raped, some elderly person’s home has been broken into and they have been robed, or some weak person has been yanked out of their car and their car carjacked.  A firearm and the training to use that firearm can prevent you from becoming a statistic on the evening news.

A concealed carry permit allows you to legally carry a firearm. The 2nd Amendment guarantees every U. S. citizen the right to bear arms. If no one was able to carry a firearm in our society except the police or the military, everyone would be at the mercy of the government. What if government policy changes and threatens your livelihood or even your life? That is exactly what happened in the days the Constitution was written and was the reason that the right to bear arms was included in the Bill of Rights.

It is an insurance policy. What if your home is broken into? How long will it take the police to get to your home after you have made the 911 call? Can you guarantee they will get there in time to apprehend the burglars before they have stolen your valuable possessions?  If the people breaking in decide to harm your family, can you rely on the police to get there in time to save your family? A Firearm and the training to use it can give you that guarantee.

Reciprocity. Minnesota Residents can carry in up to 28 states with a Minnesota Concealed Carry permit. That means that if you own a firearm and decide to travel to another state, your CCW permit allows you to legally carry in that state.

It is fairly easy to become qualified to receive a concealed carry permit by taking the National Carry Academy Concealed Carry training program. National Carry Academy is the premier training resource for those that decide to carry a gun as a part of their lifestyle. We offer a combination of online and in-person training classes. In addition to training and firearms safety courses, we also offer our members discounts on high quality firearms and accessories and defense training programs with other national providers like Krav Maga. Contact us at