The Rise of Concealed Carry Way of Life

December 10, 2018

We live in trying times. Such events as the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the mass slaughter at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub and the bullets spraying an outdoor concert in Las Vegas that killed fifty-eight people have people on edge.


Whenever violence escalates, the public reaction is an increase in gun ownership.

Guns to Carry reports that there are 13 million concealed carry active permits in USA. This is an increase of over 250% since 2007. The number of licensed concealed carry individuals is more than twelve times the number of American police officers.


USA has become a nation where concealed carry is a lifestyle choice. Unfortunately, it’s one people have adopted out of fear. We’ve become a population where carrying a gun is a part of daily life. While an increased interest in owning and carrying a weapon is no cause for concern, more alarming is the fact that, right along with this habit is the mood that we could encounter a threat at any moment.


Concealed-carry is a central movement of such pro-gun groups as the National Rifle Association. With mass shootings all too frequently in the news, these organizations are multiplying. Gun rights activists believe they have a clearly stated right in the Second Amendment to carry a gun anywhere.

This has changed. Throughout history, gun owners used to frown on the idea of carrying a gun at all times and anywhere. In 1932, the head of the NRA testified against what he called “promiscuous toting of guns.” It was his position that guns had no place in everyday American life. That changed little for almost four decades. In 1967, California Governor Ronald Regan told Californians that there was no reason for people to carry loaded weapons down the street.

The very idea of concealed carry and the world as a dangerous place are now forever tied together. Clearly, Americans believe they are living in dangerous times. In the last three decades, state after state has relaxed rules about concealed carry. Where once many states prohibited or strictly controlled concealed carry weapons, every state now has concealed carry permits. This trend has also changed the way that we use guns.

Instructors in gun handling classes tell their students to assume their assailant is armed and intends to use his weapon. Gun instructors recount statistics about home invasions, muggings, escalating drug-related crimes and car-jackings. They are not being alarmists. You need only look at the trends.

According to the US Department of Justice, almost four million burglaries occurred each year between 2003 and 2007. In a million of these, a household member became a victim of a violent crime. Fifteen percent of these resulted in assault. Ten percent of those assaults were life threatening. Three percent of the victims were raped. Over 60% of the victims were unarmed at the time.

The 2015 report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported there were almost 16,000 murders, over 90,000 rapes and 328,000 robberies in that year.  Firearms were involved in almost 3 of every 4 murders, and over 42% of the robberies.


The US Concealed Carry Insurance sells a product consumers can use in situations where an actual shooting has occurred. First, they offer shooter training. This policy also promises to subsidize legal fees. It will also help you post bail if you are arrested for a shooting. The insurance will provide legal advice on how to formulate self-defense.


A concealed carry lifestyle includes more than the actual permit for carrying of a weapon. It also includes the decision to carry a weapon everywhere you go. Given the number and frequency of mass shootings, concealed carry weapons are on the increase. There seems to likelihood of this trend changing. We live in a time when concealed carry lifestyle seems like an outcome.