September 28, 2018

Several states require concealed carry permit applicants to demonstrate handgun proficiency with a course certificate from a recognized concealed carry training program — in some states, this requirement can even be fulfilled by an online CCW course. For those who already possess a concealed carry license or permit, some states require a renewal CCW class to be taken in order to renew your license or permit. Even if your state does not require a CCW renewal class, it is a good idea to take one periodically to keep your knowledge and skills fresh.

Understanding things about firearms helps reduce fear and increase your ability to handle them properly. Firearms can be dangerous, but increasing your knowledge regarding their safe handling and operations will help keep you and others safe.

Permit courses are primarily designed to teach the laws that govern concealed carry in the regions where they are valid. The laws vary from region to region and state-to-state, so not every course will be the same, but you will gain valuable knowledge on which laws govern your locale and will affect you if you ever need to protect yourself or loved ones.

You may also learn surprising statistics about firearms, real life case studies/situations, and how to structure your decision-making processes in defense situations. Perhaps more importantly, you can gain insight into the mindset of law-abiding citizens who do decide to carry a firearm and why it is important to do so.

For people who already hold a concealed carry permit, this may seem like information you already know, but refreshing your knowledge is always good as laws change and you can never have enough training in how to shoot properly.

National Carry Academy was founded upon the principle that every law-abiding citizen should have the ability to exercise their right to bear arms and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a responsible armed citizen. We strive to provide individuals with the most up to date information and necessary training possible.

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