Teenagers Saved Lives

August 31, 2016

Teen use defensive weapon in order to save lives.

As we can see from the recent news, both teens and weapons are not the best combination. Many teens playing around with firearms, breaking into the house, getting shot, accidentally firing guns, and many more on the list. The stories in the news aren’t of responsibly using firearms, but they are out there, increasing. Thanks to the parents who train their children with guns, the use and safety from a very young age.

This article on the armed citizen highlights the seven teens, acted better than some adults in these very dangerous situations. For all the parents out there, start training your children. It’s better to have a plan of action when you are and aren’t there. Don’t forget that there’s always a chance for you home, picked for a home invasion and your children might be the only ones at home when it occurs.

You need to train your children, keep them active in that mindset in order them to have training to fall back on rather than paralyzing fear in the moment. Many trained teens grow up to become responsible adults. Theses teenagers are heroes, one of the youngest is only 12 years old, thanks to the training of their parents, firearms and of course, their quick thinking. Everyone needs to teach children from a young age about the importance of the Second Amendment, in order to this net generation to continue exercising their rights, keep America free from victimization and tyranny.

A young 14 year old boy, Anthony Hernandez protected his grandparents by means of shooting and killing an intruder, breaking into the family’s Charlotte, N.C., climbing through a window. And Marie Wyant said during a 911 call, “My grandson told him to stop and get out of here, and he didn’t, so my grandson shot him.” The burglar’s accomplice has been arrested, charged and the police said the shooting was justified. Six years ago, after the young boy’s father was shot to death while working at the auto shop he owned, Wyants made a commitment to teach their grandchildren about self-defense. Wyant said, “Anthony is his grandmother’s hero.” “If I was by myself, God knows what they [the intruder and his cohort] would have done to me,” Wyant added.

After an elderly woman moved into a nursing home, her 18 year old grandson began staying at her house, he was home alone. Early one morning, a noise from a back room of the home awakened him. He immediately grabbed a shotgun under the sofa that he was sleeping on, and started to investigate.He noticed what looked like the light from a flashlight coming behind the curtain that covered the glass door. The teen moved forward, the back door was kicked in and he was confronted by two robbers. He fired several shots, one suspect fell to the ground with a serious gunshot wound, the other fled from the scene and was later found at a nearby hospital, being treated for gunshot wounds, he was in critical condition. The teen was not injured.

A young 12 year old girl, Kendra St. Clair, during her fall break, she was alone at home. She called her mother who is at work to say that there was a man, repeatedly ringing the doorbell and banging the door. No one answered the door, he disappeared, Kendra said. Her mother instructed her together.40-Cal. Glock pistol, and go into a bathroom closet. The young girl heard the man break in through the back door. The man made his way through her home, 911 dispatchers kept her on the phone. He was in the home for about six minutes before he made to the bathroom, that’s where Kendra was hiding. After she saw that the doorknob begin to turn, she immediately fired the gun. After the 32 year old intruders treated for a gunshot wound to the chest, e was taken into custody,

A 14 year old young boy was at home, watching his three young siblings, ages 8, 10 and the next one 12. A woman rang the doorbell, the teen did not open the door, especially when he didn’t recognize the woman. After that, there was a loud bang on the door, the teen rushed his siblings upstairs, grabbed a handgun from his parents’ bedroom. A man broke through the front door, pointed a gun at the boy. The boy shot the 37 year old intruders. The man was jailed on counts of aggravated assault and burglary, that’s after the surgery for his wound.

A 14 year old Brady WithHeld, late one night, he went to the kitchen for a glass of water, the boy heard voices. “I walked to the edge of the stairs and I heard them talking. I didn’t recognize their voices and I went back to my room and got my 12-gauge shotgun. I loaded it,’ Brady said. The young boy confronted the men, of course, the intruders had their own firearms and pointed at Brady, but they immediately fled upon seeing his shotgun pointed back at them.

The doorbell rang, a 17 year old girl who is alone at home did not answer the door. After that, she heard someone jump over the gate in their backyard. The girl saw a man reach through the door of the home’s doggie and try to unlatch it. She quickly armed herself, fired a shot at the doggie door. The suspect immediately fled, it’s unknown if the man was injured or not. The police heavily searched the area, but unable to locate the man.

The police got a call from a 15 year old girl, saying that there was someone trying to enter her house while she was at home, alone. According to her reports, the front door jiggle, she looked out the window and saw two men there. One of them managed to get into the garage and he was trying to steal a pickup truck, she grabbed her father’s handgun. The girl immediately confronted the man in the garage, and he immediately flee. The man’s accomplice who had already made his way inside, ransacking the contents of the home, he quickly followed suit.