April 4, 2018

Dad is usually the bread winner, the protector of the home and the protector of the family. He is proud of his right to bear arms and does so regularly. You can always tell if your dad is serious about concealed carry by seeing if he uses these 15 habits of highly effective CCW Dads.

1. He carries his gun every day.
2. He regularly inspects his pistol and gun gear.
3. He keeps his weapon clean and his ammo fresh.
4. He stays up to date on current gun laws and takes refresher CCW classes.
5. He makes sure every member of the family practices gun safety.
6. He usually wears loose, baggy clothing.
7. He reflexively braces his arm towards his gun while walking to
8. make sure it doesn’t slip out or fall out.
9. He regularly scans the crowd whenever we are out in a public place.
10. When looking for a place to sit, he usually chooses a place where he can sit with his back up against the wall.
11. He only hugs close family members.
12. He doesn’t advertise that he is an NRA member but works hard to blend in.
13. He can be found at the shooting range in his spare time.
14. He is fascinated by new guns, techniques and gun gear.
15. He looks up the concealed carry law for any state before we travel through that state.
16. He prefers shooting gloves to golf gloves.
Happy Father’s Day to all of our concealed carrying dads from National Carry Academy.