August 30, 2016

To many the issue of gun control appears to be obvious—-Until the U.S. implements strict nationwide gun control laws, innocent Americans are going to continue to die. Is that really the obvious solution? No one would argue that Guns cannot be use to  kill people. But the issue is actually more complicated that it appears on the surface. If strict gun control laws are passed will it make any impact on how many people die in America? If strict gun control laws are passed, will everyone obey them? If the U.S. bans certain firearms what is to stop them from banning all firearms?

There always two sides to every coin and some of the following insights on gun laws may just illustrate that the solution to reducing crime and murder is anything but obvious.

On the Second Amendment…..

“If everything were not protected by the Second Amendment, the government would have the opportunity, if they so desired, to go unchecked with impunity and do whatever they want to do.”

On the requirement to be licensed to carry a concealed weapon….

“I saw too many friends going to jail for the same thing — they were missing the information; they didn’t know the rules. It’s the not knowing that causes them to not take the extra step. Sometimes they’ll be like, “I already have the gun. I bought it. Forget the paperwork.” But not going through the right procedures to carry it can get you five years in jail. Five years based on ignorance. And a lot of guys, they just don’t know you need a license to carry a concealed gun. But they’re not criminals. They work at a job and they take care of their family. They bought that gun legally.”

On Stand Your Ground laws…..

“A prosecutor is going to be less likely now to file a criminal charge against a person who exercises self-defense — say in the home or when they’re being attacked — but it’s not a get-out-of-jail-free card. We have a right to self-defense, but we also have a right of free speech and a right to do variety of other things. If these things are not exercised reasonably, all of a sudden someone finds themselves in legal trouble, and it’s expensive to hire a lawyer, it’s risky to go to a trial, and a jury can convict.”

On carrying a gun in public places….

“It’s now just a sort of empirical social fact in most of this country that when you go to the shopping mall or the ballet or wherever, some of the people in the crowd of the few thousand around you will be carrying guns.”

On more background checks…

“Calling for more background checks is illustrative of the administration’s poor grasp of the issue and their misguided agenda. Two-thirds of firearm deaths are suicides. A background check is not going to do very much to help a person who may hit a severe depression years after buying a gun. This person doesn’t need his rights restricted. He needs treatment and support.”

On the ban on high capacity magazines and assault rifles….

“Semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 are the most popular rifles in the United States for home protection and defensive skills-based firearm training and marksmanship competitions, and they’re increasingly popular among hunters. Ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds are standard equipment for many handguns and rifles designed for defensive purposes, they’re commonly used in handguns kept for protection at home and carried for protection away from home, and they’re commonly used in defensive skills-based firearm training and sports.”

Nancy ThorneNancy Thorne is founder and principal of Thorne Business Research. With more than 30 years experience as an information research and writing professional in small business, trade associations and large corporate environments. She has expertise in writing blog posts, articles, newsletters and reports for a diverse group of clients in a wide variety of industries. Prior to becoming an independent writer and information professional, Ms. Thorne held research and analytical positions with Bank of America and Citicorp and was a licensed teacher of English.