Sig Sauer Concealed Carry Course for Women

May 24, 2019

In the past, Sig Sauer has sponsored a number of courses.


The latest course is directed at young women who have recently purchased a handgun or are thinking of doing so.

The course, released in April of 2019 is called “Women’s Concealed Carry”. Yes, the popular handgun manufacturer makes no apologies. The course whose entry fee is $500 is aimed specifically toward women.

Why this niche market? Women are now the largest consumers  of handguns. Moreover, more than half of the women who are buying handguns have never used one before. Many of them have never been around guns. 

In order to use their weapon effectively, these new gun owners need to become familiar with and comfortable concealed carrying.

So what do women was to learn? Many bought their gun for self-protection. And they hope never to have to use it. But, they are not naïve. They know they need to know how to use that weapon should  the need arise.

In  this and other firearms course for women, instructors teach the safe handling, storage, cleaning and shooting of the firearm.

The course aims to empower women and give them the confidence to handle their weapon. 

The Sig Sauer Academy has designed the course to help the women who have purchase their weapon how to: 

  • Choose the most appropriate gun for them
  • How to dress for effective concealed carry
  • How and when and where to concealed carry
  • How to make concealed carry a natural situation
  • Those enrolled in the course can expect to learn how to concealed carry effectively
  • They will also learn how to load, aim, and fire their weapon accurately.


The Academy has designed a course specifically for women because the company has identified an increased interest in courses especially tailored to females>

The course was designed by expert female instructors at the Academy. It will be taught by women who will focus on 

Smooth, snug holstering

Regular daily concealed carrying

Skills and  tactics that will overcome a natural panic or fear when women are thrust into a life-threatening situation.

The all-female class and instructor environment where women can come together to learn without male pressure or dominance.  They can thus focus on skill development and on sharing their fears and concerns.

During the class, all-female students will have an opportunity to test several Sig Sauer handguns aimed specifically at women owners. This will include Sig Sauer’s newest P365

The two-day course will limit participation to twenty. Participants are to bring no guns nor ammunition. These will be provided for use.

The Academy refers to its newest course as Handgun 101 for new female gun owners and for those who are not new gun owners but have never had formal handgun training, or those who feel their skills are rusty and want a refresher course.

In the course they will learn the safe handling handguns in a comfortable all-female, hands-on learning environment. 

As well as selection of an appropriate firearm and holster, the course will include: storage, transportation, carry, and cleaning of their firearm.

Participants will also get an overview of the laws and concerns regarding self-defense. 

If these women have not already sought a concealed carry permit, this course content will fulfill local requirements for concealed carry and other permits like the concealed carry reciprocity legislation.