September 26, 2017

Many concealed carriers always carry their concealed carry weapon when they are out in public, but when they get home, they take it off and lock it up in a drawer or safe. Home is their “safe” zone. It is also the area where you are most vulnerable because you are not o your guard.

Statistically, speaking, you are more likely to need to use your gun at home than in any other location. 72% of all burglaries occur on residential property. Roughly 15% of all burglaries involve some form of assault to the residents.

In a home invasion, armed intruders enter the home and intimidate the homeowner and their family until they get what they want. Unfortunately, they often leave members of the household injured or murdered in their wake.

If you are going to carry, carry all the time. The absolute best option is to continue wearing your concealed handgun while you are in your home.  Many concealed carriers worry about children getting a hold of their gun in the home so they take it off and lock it up as a matter of safety. If the handgun is on your body it is not likely to find its way into the hands of a child. The operative words here are “on your body”. Put your handgun on when you get dressed in the morning and take it off when you take off your clothes and put on your pajamas at night.

Always secure your weapon. You never want to leave a loaded weapon lying around the house. If the gun is not on your body, it needs to be secured under lock and key.

Some concealed carriers worry about being labeled extremists in the same category as those with underground bunkers in the event a nuclear holocaust occurs. There is nothing extreme about being prepared to defend your home and your family against a violent threat. We buy home insurance in order to be financially prepared for a disaster that damages our home. We keep a fire extinguisher at the ready to be prepared to put out a fire should one occur. We keep a first aid kit in order to be prepared for an injury.

Bad things do happen to good people so it pays to be prepared.