Staying Alive In The Middle Of A Roadway Shooting

August 31, 2016

There is a story about a murdered man in Forth Worth, Texas. Take the time to read the story as it can give you a few lessons that may be helpful when you’re in an unlikely event of a roadway shooting.

There was this insane guy who goes from store to store to pick fights with other people around him. The soon-to-be-victim tried to stay away from the guy but he kept on following him and started firing his gun angrily from behind without any reason.

He discharged several bullets that hit the car, the windshield and unfortunately, his head. A witness from a nearby store narrated the whole story when the cops came and even the victim was able to give his side of the incident.

He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where they patched up his wounds, but the bullet was left there and his life is still in danger. He was transferred to another hospital to undergo a surgery to get rid of the bullet, while the police caught the insane guy.

During the first surgery, doctors remove the bullet from his head. And on the next surgery, blood clots were removed and the wounds were stitched up. He was doing well after the surgery and was almost recovering, but a few days after, he passed away. The guy then, was charged with murder. Good thing, the law enforcers acted fast and were able to capture the guy before he can escape.

Actually, that man was a shooter, but he never bothered to grab his gun and fire back to the guy. This could have been prevented if he just did.

You might have heard that people around should have called the police immediately, or the victim should have slammed the car’s break and fired back to the murderer. But everything happened really fast, and before you can think of anything, you will realize it’s too late to do something.

This is such a senseless tragedy, but the man must have been avoiding putting himself in a confrontation. He must have applied one of the safety precautions of staying away from a fight by just simply turning away.

In case this happens, there are a few things you have to do survive such kind of shooting. If the attacker has a gun in his hand and is ready to shoot anytime, do not get into the car anymore. You will put yourself at more risk of being hurt because it is a confined space. Instead, look for something that you can hide yourself into and draw your gun. Next, be prepared to shoot anytime just to defend yourself.

As much as possible, do not shoot while your car is moving. This is a very difficult thing to do, not unless you are highly trained with such situation. Law-abiding carriers know that this can put others’ lives in danger especially the passers-by.

If a murdered starts shooting you while you are running a vehicle, do a quick turn to the left or to the right. But since each situation is different from the other, there is really no perfect way of dealing with such kind of defensive encounter. But the bottom line here is, be prepared and always carry your gun with you and stay away from fight as much as possible.