October 26, 2017

What do the good guys do to defend themselves or their loved ones from the beasts that prey on innocent victims in horror movies or the psychotic killers that go after anyone they can find?  They fight them with whatever weapon they can find.  Sometimes the only thing that can kill them is a firearm or one with special ammo like a silver bullet for werewolves. Other times, the firearm does nothing more than slow them down. But it still gives the victim a chance to get up and run. While firearms are not often used in horror films here are a few that were used.

Cujo. Dee Wallace, who played a mother trapped in a car with her son by a rabid St. Bernard, proved that you cannot escape an infected animal attack unless you have a Smith & Wesson model 64 revolver on hand. She and the sheriff tried everything from beating the dog with a baseball bat, slamming it’s head in with the car door and even stabbing it with the wooden end of the broken baseball bat. The only thing that could stop the dog was a bullet.

Halloween.  A deranged boy, who killed his sister on Halloween, escapes from the mental asylum 15 years later to wreak murderous havoc on his old neighborhood he lived in on the same day. While Michael Myers used a huge kitchen knife to commit his murders, Dr. Sam Loomis finally kills Myers by putting six bullets in his chest with his Smith & Wesson model 15 revolver.

The Mist.  If your town is suddenly enveloped in mist and ungodly creatures begin to walk your streets and terrifying the residents, you need to get a Colt SF-VI stainless steel version of the Colt Detective Special.

Night of the Living Dead. If the Zombie apocalypse does occur in your lifetime, you will want to pick up a Smith & Wesson model 10HB revolver. Barbara used the revolver to great effect in the movie remake to stop Zombies dead in their tracks.

Silence of the Lambs. When FBI recruit Clarice Starling is assigned the task of gaining Hannibal Lector’s help in catching a notorious serial killer, she dons a Smith & Wesson Model 13 .357 Magnum. In the complete darkness of the creepy basement of serial killer Gumb, she opens fire and kills him.

Underworld.  Vampires can’t be killed by a bullet from a gun, but they can use a Beretta 92FS pistol to fire silver bullets at their arch enemies, the werewolves. When those prove to be not enough firepower against an army of werewolves, Selene uses a pair of Walther P99 pistols with laser sights to get the job done.