Your Guns Protect You Now Protect Them with Gun Insurance

September 22, 2015

Your Guns Protect You Now Protect Them with Gun Insurance


You’ve taken steps to protect yourself and your family by earning your concealed weapons permit and purchasing a handgun so how do you protect your handgun in the event that it is stolen and protect yourself and your family in the event that handgun was used to commit a crime. The best way to protect yourself is to purchase gun insurance and there are two considerations when you do. First, you need to replace your handgun in the event of theft and second, you need to protect yourself from liability claims if the gun was used to commit a crime.

Protect your gun from theft

There are two things to consider when insuring your hand gun in the event of theft. First, handguns can be listed on many homeowners’ insurance policy but rules and guidelines will be specific to your insurance company. Talk with your insurance agent to assess if your hand gun is covered under your homeowners’ policy and if there is sufficient protection and coverage in the event of theft. The second option is to purchase an insurance policy specifically for your gun(s). There are several insurance companies available that will write policies specifically for guns and they have the expertise and understanding of guns that will help write a policy that will work for you.

Liability insurance for gun owners

We have liability insurance to insure our vehicles and now there is a growing trend to have liability insurance as a gun owner. The purpose of having liability insurance is to protect yourself in the event of an accident such as a young child picks up your handgun and accidentally shoots a person or if your handgun is used in the commission of a crime. Liability laws vary from state to state so if you decide to look for a policy that will include liability when you insure your guns you will need to shop around to find an insurance company that offers this option. Insurance companies will often consider how you handle and store your handgun when writing these policies and will want to see that you have taken steps to safeguard yourself, your family and anyone else who might be around your handguns.

Insuring your guns will vary depending on your situation so it is best to shop around and find a policy that works for you and protects you from loss.

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