You Bet I’d Have a Tuckable Holster! I Wear One Every Day.

September 22, 2015

You Bet I’d Have a Tuckable Holster! I Wear One Every Day.

You Bet I’d Have a Tuckable Holster! I Wear One Every Day.

Posted by Rob Longenecker, Tucker Gunleather, Houston, TX

“Too dang slow! Gotta pull up your shirt with one hand and then draw with the other. Sometimes, you’ve got to do both with the same hand. I wouldn’t have a tuckable holster.”(Said by a guy on a gun forum.)

A worthwhile point of view, but I mightily question the conclusion!

Having a tuckable holster is a great option for many – maybe for you.

Tuckable means you can tuck your shirt over your gun and holster and tuck in your shirt between the holster and your belt. A holster must be designed a particular way to allow for that. The pictures below show the holster and gun exposed and then with shirt tucked in over the gun and holster.

You can even get invisible belt clips if you like.

Tuckable Holster

Concealed Tuckable Holster

This picture showing the holster and belt without the clothing shows that there is space between the body of the holster and the belt clips. The clips are mounted low and have approximately 3″ of space to tuck in your shirt.

Here’s what you need to know:

The tuckable feature is an optional way to use the holster, not the only way. You can wear a tuckable holster as a standard IWB with your shirt or jacket hanging out over it. The tuckable feature is a no-cost added benefit.

Having to pull up your shirt is slower, but it beats leaving your gun in the car or at home because it’s too hot to wear a coat, vest, jacket or extra shirt.

I wore a tuckable IWB every day with slacks and a button-down shirt as I visited customers for another business I had. In 5 years no one has noticed a thing. It’s way too flipping hot in Houston to wear a coat and my customers don’t want to see me with my shirt hanging out. I’ve proven to myself that this works. It will work for you.

Could I draw and fire in under a second from this setup? No.

If I see trouble coming can I react? Yes. Do I have my gun with me? Yes.

If my gun is in the car or at the house what good is it? No good at all!

Maybe a tuckable holster is not your thing, but my customers are happy to have the option. Many use the tuckable feature and are very glad they have it.

Whether you “tuck” or not, it’s hard to beat a Tucker Gunleather IWB for function, quality and fit.

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