Why Do You Need To Carry Everyday?

April 6, 2016

Okay now, enough for the debate on which concealed and open carrying is the best method. Let’s not argue on which system of carrying is effective. And most of all, let’s stop now with fighting over which caliber of handguns if perfect. Instead, let’s talk about one of the basic but important topics that should be addressed by now.

Let’s talk about the importance of everyday carrying. Why do you need to carry everyday? Most people do not even have their own weapon and yet are able to survive everyday without being a victim of a crime, assault, roadway shooting or robbery. In a person’s life, most days are safe and a few or none is dangerous. So why carry a gun everyday?

Take a look at this. One out of ten patients can fully recover from cancer. Only a few get to win the lottery per draw. And only one or a few will get struck by a lightning. These are all rare cases, right? There is a small chance that these cases will happen, but it is still possible, right? Did you already get the point? Even though the chance is only 0.01%, it can possibly happen. And what if you are on your very unfortunate day and you haven’t brought with you your self-defense weapon?

Some may even reason out that there are law enforcers that are responsible in helping with emergency cases. But here’s the thing, law enforcers are there to serve the whole community and not to serve you individually. Let’s take a look at Google Warren’s court decision which states that: “[t]he duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists.”

“Special relationship” here means the police’s obligation to protect you as an individual. Does this exist? No. You can only avail an individual protection if you are under the police custody or is under their protection for a specific case.

So, the point here is, while the law enforcement will really try to help you on an emergency situation, their approach is always for the whole community and they are not responsible for your own protection. So then, it is your responsibility to defend and protect yourself from danger.

This is where the importance of situational awareness enters. Situational awareness refers to your ability to assess the environment and identify threats. To be able to protect yourself, you should avoid going to places that are at risk for troubles. Keep at least one light on at home when you are leaving and install an alarm system or have a dog. Invest in a fire extinguisher. Update your car insurance. Take all the necessary steps to keep yourself protected at all times: carry everyday.

For the final advice, if you want to do open carrying, be sure that you are on a good behavior. Show the people around you that you are an ambassador of the 2nd Amendment who always support peace and freedom within the country and the state.

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