What To Consider When Drinking And Carrying

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What To Consider When Drinking And Carrying

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Professional watch that support your success with your academic, business, or creative project. Does it take a Summa Cum Laude graduate to realize that driving a car while intoxicated is a really bad idea? Where does it say that someone that had three glasses of vodka is ready to get behind the wheel of their Escalade or BMW? To anyone of intelligence (ok anyone of any amount of gray matter), driving and drinking is a really dumb idea. Sure it is a bad idea, it the drinker lacks the self-awareness and judgment to police himself and know when to quit consuming.

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Need web content that explains how your products, services and processes work? Hire the UK's number 1 provider of http://viaprozell.de/dissertation-contents-table/s. That's me So how does that correlate over to the concept of drinking and carrying? Yes, talking about carrying a holstered firearm.


Don’t look as surprised as our hanging friend here does about the idea. A reasonable individual that drinks a social drink or two with friends is a far cry from the clown that wants to test his chugging prowess. There is the distinction as to what type of person should be carrying a firearm…either CCW or open-carry.

Guns and Bars and Eateries


The debate about carrying while drinking should be viewed in regards to the very places that accommodate alcohol consumption. Neighborhood bars have become centers for social gatherings and many have established drinking limits of how much they will sell someone. Various states have taken up the call as whether or not they will allow bars and taverns to accommodate those that carry firearms. For example, Tennessee created a law that allows restaurants and bars to welcome in those that carry.

This followed a ruling by the Supreme Court that no one should be denied the right to carry a loaded gun, even into a alcohol serving environment. When Tennessee did this in 2010, three other states created similar legislative decisions (Virginia, Arizona and Georgia). At the time of this decision, almost one-third of the remaining states had like-minded laws in place. What this tells me is that states see the value in allowing their citizenry to carry firearms for personal defense, especially in places that serve beer and other spirits. Even when the current federal administration is trying to halt the gun-ownership rights of people; various states are open to realizing that responsible people can drink and have a firearm on their person.

A look at Texas and its laws speaks volumes in how it looks at gun carrying when it is a licensed civilian. Responsible gun owners are those that take the time to become licensed and feel that the old west mentality of strapping on the “hog-leg” is all that matters when around alcohol.



It is interesting to see that any establishment that makes over half of its income from alcohol sales cannot allow gun carriers to be present. This Red state makes it a felony in those situations so they do take this matter serious. But when you recognize that they do allow licensed CCW and open carry civilians in other alcohol serving places, there is room for solid reflection. Texas and Tennessee are simply a small sampling of what is happening around the country from a legislative point-of-view. Responsible gun carriers do not represent a practical problem where drinking is concerned. From the legal gate, the trend seems to favor this symbiosis of guns and alcohol. So I bring it back to your court again.

Trees Falling…wait the connection!


……..Here is a question for consideration. Does a tree make a sound that falls in the forest if no one is around to hear it? Oh wait! That is for a different project. (Although that does make for good conversation… if you are totally bored.) No here is the query again. If someone has been drinking, should they be allowed to carry? Yes we are talking about carrying a firearm on their person. It does not matter about the CCW situation or as an open carry scenario. The question fits either occasion and is a valid question to ponder. If someone has been drinking alcoholic beverages, should they be considered ok to have a firearm in their possession?

Well it depends upon whose drinking and whose carrying wouldn’t you think? I don’t want a moron that exhibits latent Foster Brooks tendencies to be carrying a loaded weapon (although Foster was a caricature of a drunk). The last thing that is needed in the public arena is someone slurring their words of wisdom, due to alcohol, handling a firearm.

In that same context, people that drink to relax and do not imbibe to excess can have the mental awareness to use reason and judgment when carrying a firearm. follow - paper writing service Best writing paper in the world - custom writing service The fact of the matter is that unless you are intoxicated, there is no reason that a sound person cannot carry a firearm.

It comes down to this; someone that is going to carry should be responsible enough to handle their alcohol. As we have seen that if you are not a licensed carrier, you will probably pay a legal price anyway. Our friends have an obligation to keep us accountable; but as long as you are enjoying the drink without establishing a hangover, enjoy the time.

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