What Government Officials Say About Removing Gun Free Zone?

April 11, 2016

Once again, a gun free zone enables a cowardly killer, while a family sheds tearsfor marine veterans who fought for us, for our freedom and in the end were taken away forever.

One of the top officers in the army said that the security and military recruiting and reserve centers will be reviewed, Nevertheless it’s too early to say whether the facilities should have security guards or others to increase the protection.

Last Friday, the chief of staff of the army, Gen. Ray Odierno told reporters that arming troops in those offices could create more problems rather than provide a solution.

According to Odierno, there are legal issues involved in letting the troops at the centers carry their guns. He also added that those forces will always be a bit vulnerable, for the reason that the centers need to be open and accessible to the public.

Thomas Sullivan, a Marine gunnery sergeant survived two tours in Iraq, he earned a combat action medal and a purple heart, and one of the four marines killed in the Chattanooga, Tenn. Shooting at a Recruiting station. There are also three others who are injured, including a one police officer.

He and three other marines who were shot and killed at a military recruiting center by Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, a 24 year old man who was born in Kuwait in 1990 but became a naturalized US citizen.

According to his friends and acquaintances, Abdulazeez is a devoted, disciplined mixed martial arts fighter, a top student known for humor, smart and popular, and most of all a devoted Muslim who kept in touch with his roots in the Middle East.

One of the former MMA coaches thought of him as “All American” and “one of the nicest kids they trained.”

Abdulazeez studied at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering in 2012. He worked for a wire and cable manufacturing firm where he called in sick two days before the shooting.

Many of his friends described him as a religious man, but didn’t believe that he was an extremist, according to his MMA coach, “His favorite training partner was a Russian Jew.”

Abdulazeez has a blog where he wrote about his Muslim faith. One of his posts talks about how Muslims live in this world temporarily and just like a prisoner who is given a choice to take a test that would allow a person to be confined or free. He also said that one would study and stay patient and give focus to pass the exam. “They would do this because they know and have been told that they will be rewarded with pleasures that they have never seen,” he added.

In his second post on his blog, he wrote about understanding Islam. “We ask Allah to make us follow their path, an early companion of the prophet Muhammad.” This is also included in his post, “To give us a complete understanding of the message of Islam, and strength to live with this knowledge, and to know what role we need to play to establish Islam in the world.”

Another MMA coach from 2014 that trained him, said that the shooter moved back to Kuwait to teach kids wrestling for a while and then returned to Tennessee.

President Obama addressed all the families of the victims , offered his condolences and said that the shooter was a lone gunman. According to him, the FBI’s investigation was in progress. We take all shootings very seriously,” he said. “Obviously, when you have an attack on a U.S. Military facility, then we have to make sure that we have all the information necessary to make an assessment as to how this attack took place and what precautions we should take in the future,”

In the U.S. attorney Bill Killian goofed and said that the investigation was created as “an act of domestic terrorism.” The attorney addressed the people to “not get caught up in labels.”

I would love to be a fly on the wall while Obama’sWhite House team scrambles to brainstorm the angle of the agenda this tragedy will be used for.

The president already made an enormous blunder on the White House, where he used a traditional Muslim greeting used in every closing festival of Ramadan to Muslims in the US and around the world.. The big issue is that this tweet had been issued on the White House’s twitter two hours before Obama even acknowledged the four marines that were killed by Abdulazeez on that same day.

You can’t avoid the weak stance of Obama as a president, when Isis encourages one gunman to act out during Ramadan, and then the President waits for so long to be there in support of the American people when there’s an act of terrorism. This issue didn’t work for his benefit, that is why Obama chose to avoid it.

I’m completely shocked with the behavior of the president, as well as for how many times Obama spits on the sacrifice of these Marines to our country. I can’t imagine what the families felt as they watched the public statement from Obama giving his condolences.

Last October 9, according to the revised report of the Crime Prevention Research center or CPRC, 92% of mass public shootings from January 2009 up to July 2014 are from gun-free zones.

Of course, this will be on the last list for Obama and his administration. There is only one way that Obama could try to relate to the service of these Marines, by comparing the number of his extravagant vacations while in office for the amount of times the Marines gave their lives for the country.

Since this country was born, America has rested on the large columns of sacrifices that are made by our military, and Obama played a vital role, he eroded those columns by undermining the constitution and taking all our hard earned freedom right out from under us.

It was incredibly ironic that one of the Marines who fought valiantly for the sake of our constitution and country, even getting the Purple Heart and fighting for the two tours of duty in Iraq, was killed in his hometown because the law that passed made his job site an easy target for scaredy-cats with guns.

The government trained him in action and using guns to defend our country, but prevented him from his right to carry a gun for self-defense.

According to these extremely ignorant liberals, “You can use guns to defend us, but don’t use guns to defend yourself!”

You need to keep your eyes wide open and don’t disregard horrific injustices.

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