Washington Post: Good Guys with Guns Do Stop Shootings… Often

October 7, 2015

Washington Post: Good Guys with Guns Do Stop Shootings… Often


Earlier this month there was another tragic shooting at a school in Oregon. In step, gun control advocates started voicing their opinions almost before first responders could even get to the campus. These events have increasingly become common place in our society and even more so in the media.

Organizations are coming out and saying that these events could be prevented if we would just make America a gun free zone, nevermind the fact that most of these incidents that make the headlines take place in these zones already.

The Washington Post recently ran an article that highlighted several instances over the past few years where a responsible gun owner and law abiding citizen was able to intervene in these situations and prevent further bloodshed by putting his or her life on the line to protect others.

1. Earlier this year in Chicago, an Uber driver with a carry permit shot and wounded a gunman who opened fire on a crowd of people.

2. A police captain was quoted saying “I guess he [the man who shot the shooter] saved a lot of people in there” after a criminal opened fire on customers and barbers at a local barber shop.

3. Possibly the most widely reported incident occurred in a hospital near Philadelphia when a doctor shot a patient after he had killed his casework and shot the doctor himself. A Delaware County DA stated “If the doctor did not have a firearm, and the doctor did not utilize the firearm, he’d be dead today, and I believe that other people in that facility would also be dead.

4. In 2012, a man was killed and another wounded following an argument over being kicked out of a bar. A DA for Luzerne County was quoted stating “The video footage and the evidence reveals that Mr. Allabaugh had turned around and was re-approaching the bar. Mr Ktytor then acted, taking him down. We believe that it could have been much worse that night…”

5. In 2012 a permit holder was able to stop a man who had barged into a church with a shotgun without firing any shots.

6. In 2008 in Nevada, a permit holder shot and killed a man who had just killed two and wounded two others in a bar filled with 300 people. The good Samaritan had a permit to carry and jumped to the defense of others.

7. In Colorado Springs in 2007, a man killed four people at a church. In turn, he was shot by a volunteer security guard and former police officer Jeanne Assam. The man had over 1000 rounds of ammunition on him and certainly would have kept going without Jeanne stepping in.

8. In 1998, a 14 year old who had just shot and killed a teacher and injured several students was stopped by a man who lived next door.

9. In 1997, a 16 year old stabbed and bludgeoned to death his mother at his house then proceeded to kill two and injure seven students at this high school. The assistant stopped what is believe to be another shooting planned at the Junior High School in the area.

Eugene Volokh was the original poster of this list with the Washington Post and we appreciate him putting this list together.

Remember, these are just a few of the incidences where law abiding citizens stopped potential mass killings by exercising their right to self defense. Most of these incidences do not get reported by the media and are tough to come by because of the minimal national coverage that they receive.

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