February 15, 2018

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you are like most people, you waited until the last minute to get your special concealed shooter a gift. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing by getting candy or flowers, why not get them something they can really use. It’s not too late to be creative. Here are a few great last minute suggestions

1. A Date at the Range
Most shooting ranges sell gift cards so you and your spouse can have a date night firing at targets. If your husband or wife is competitive, you can have fun competing against one another. See who can hit the dots on the Dot Drill Target the fastest. See who has the best grouping out of five shots at one of the dots. After the shooting range, have dinner and discuss the experience while deciding on what firearm you want to purchase next.

2. Shooting Gloves
When you carry concealed in the winter, shooting gloves can really come in handy. Your fingers will be better able to pull the trigger if they are warm. The gloves don’t cause any problems or get in the way when you shoot your firearm. It is important to train while wearing your gloves so you get accustomed to the feel.

3. Leatherman Compact Multitool
Stash it in your pocket, clip it on your bag, or put it on your key ring. This multitool has a lot of functionality with a knife, spring-action scissors, flat & Phillips head screwdriver, tweezers, nail file and bottle opener. Comes in handy at the range or in the field.

4. Shooting Earmuffs
A good quality set of shooting earmuffs is a must to protect your shooter’s hearing. Electronic earmuffs are designed to filter out the louder sounds of gunshots and heavy equipment while amplifying voices to a safe level. Most of the newer models also come with MP3 capabilities so that your gun enthusiast can safely listen to their favorite music whether they are on the shooting range or out on hunting trip.

5. Concealed Carry Training
If the significant other in your life has not received training, give the gift of self-defense by getting them a gift certificate to a Concealed Carry training course like those provided by National Carry Academy Even if they don’t plan on carrying on an everyday basis, the training in these classes will give them the necessary information on the current legal issues with carrying a gun as well as training in basic gun safety. Perhaps the most important part of CCW training is learning about awareness and keeping the proper mindset for carrying that weapon.

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