Top Ten Carry Pistols of 2015

November 5, 2015

Top Ten Carry Pistols of 2015


Our Top 10 Pistol Picks

Everyone has their favorite pistol to carry concealed. It’s like that feeling of breaking in your favorite pair of jeans. You could wear them every day. That’s how we feel about these 10 pistols we prefer of the many options available in the market. There’s no particular order, all 10 are first-rate.

Beretta Nano


The Nano is a uniquely designed pistol that has a flush exterior design. It was made like this so nothing gets caught up on the holster or clothing. This brilliant design is why we like it for concealed carry.

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Colt Mustang XSP


Don’t let the size mislead you. This little gun has a lot of kick and at less than a pound fully loaded. It is made for those who prefer to carry a full-sized 1911 style firearm, but like a pocket pistol or deep concealment.

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Glock 26/27


These 2 firearms are considered the crème de la crème of concealed carry. They are reliable and easy to conceal. Both Glock 26 and Glock 27 are identical in design, but have different calibers.

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Kahr PM9


This is favorite among many because it has options. For instance, when purchasing it from the factory, you can choose from regular combat sights or tritium night sights. Having options is always preferable in our opinion. It is a shorter pistol and light weight which makes it great for concealing easily.

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Capacity: 6+1

Kel-Tec PF-9


Let’s go back to the basics. This pistol although straightforward in setup, has many great customer reviews. It has an eye catching design and lightness while retaining the best features from our P-11 and P-3AT.

Specs: [link]
Price: $333
Capacity: 7+1

Kimber Super Carry Pro


Sometimes bigger is better, and for those times you need a handgun that can bring it. This stunningly beautiful pistol is also stunningly expensive. But spare no expense if you are looking for a big-bore pistol that is worth its weight in gold.

Specs: [link]
Price: $1,596
Capacity: 8+1

Ruger LC9


Its slim fittings with this pistol from Ruger. Being less than an inch wide, it allows for many methods of carry making it a great option.

Specs: [link]
Price: $449
Capacity: 7+1

SIG Sauer P938


This tiny 1911-style SIG Sauer eats 9mm rounds for breakfast. P938 is a very popular pistol for concealed carry. Don’t mistake it for the P238, it will blow it out of the water. It’s small and feather like weight is a great pick as a primary concealed carry pistol.

Specs: [link]
Price: $836
Capacity: 6+1

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield


This pistol is smaller version of the M&P duty line making them desirable for better concealment. Another perk is the options. It is available in both 9mm and 40S&W, making it a great option for both a primary firearm as well as a backup.

Specs: [link]
Price: $469
Capacity: Varies on model

Springfield XDs


The XDs line has both a 9mm and 45ACP version. Although they have gotten a bad rap for being under recall, Springfield has made up for it, promising to fix the problem. Rumor has it, they are in the process of making a 40S&W. We hope these rumors come true. Even with the recall issues, it has become a fantastic seller by concealed carry holders.

Specs: [link]
Price: $599
Capacity: 9mm 7+1 ; 45ACP 5+1

Now, this is only hitting the tip of the iceberg. These fine specimens are only 10 of many available to you. Just like finding those perfect pair of jeans, it takes going shopping. Head over to your local gun shop and try some on for size. Finding the right fit isn’t something you can do over the internet. The only way of finding the right fit of grip comfort, size preference and weight is by doing it in person. Go ahead, you deserve it. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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