Three High Tech Guns You’ve Only Seen in Movies

September 22, 2015

Three High Tech Guns You’ve Only Seen in Movies

Gun technology continues to evolve and now some of the firearms we only dreamed about in movies are available today in the field. Here are some of the top three inventions in firearms we only thought were in the movies.


Gun and knife combo

The first is our trio of high tech guns is a gun built into a knife. The G.R.A.D .22 RS knife gun is built by Security Arms and was designed with input from Delta P Design and Sig Sauer. This combination knife can carry 5 bullets and is .22 caliber. The bullets load in a revolver format and fire when a trigger located in the handle of the knife is pulled.


Corner shot capability

Designers have come up with an ingenious design to protect law enforcement officers, soldiers and marines on duty with a gun combined with a high-resolution video camera and monitor that allows you to shoot around a corner without exposing your body. With the Corner Shot design you swivel the head of the gun around the corner and engage the target by viewing it on a monitor. The swiveling pistol head is equipped with a laser sight for more accurate shooting and a flashlight for dark situations.


Cellphone handgun

An even more ingenious design involves combining cellular technology and a small built in hand gun. This cellphone looks normal on the outside but inside you will find a small .22 caliber pistol that fires when you touch a key on the keypad. This combination of technology is detectable with x-ray but is alarming with the rise in gun related violence that is being seen in the world today.

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