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The World of CCW and College

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Writing assignment may be difficult to accomplish if youre a junior writer. Use a help of the Write Persuasive Essay Service to gain better marks and greater The past few years have seen a rise in campus shootings and assaults upon students. Virginia Tech was probably the most notable in regards to on campus shootings just a few short years ago. There has been a rise in personal attacks upon young ladies at many higher places of learning. It is these incidences upon personal safety that the argument for practical means of self-protection hits center stage.

He case for allowing students and faculty, to have access to concealed-carry weapons is at a fever pitch in this country following the recent events of Newtown, Connecticut and Florida State in Tallahassee, Florida. People are beginning to see more and more that the ability to protect oneself against physical, violent harm is not a matter of partisan politics. A person’s innate right to ward off harm and invasion of personal liberty is what is coming to the fore-front.

This blog is not going to simply be a stats giving piece, but a look at the value in allowing those that are in college to have access to CCW training and practical use. It isn’t like these hard-working young people are irresponsible and not able to handle protecting themselves.


travel essay Xavier University example essay tumblr homework help Concealed Carry In All States

At this time all states allow some version for licensing their citizens to carry concealed weapons. This reflects different standards of licensing that each state adheres to in how it regulates CCW licensing.

Yet, under half of these 50 states ban the carrying of firearms on college campuses.

(UPDATE: Florida, one of these mentioned states, has a bill approving carrying on campuses) Seven states have given legislative approval for colleges to have the concealed carry allowance. The remaining states leave it up to each college as to what they will allow or not allow to happen.

Utah believes that since state colleges are public domain that colleges cannot ban its students and faculty from being armed if they so choose. Of course if a building is signed as having security measures in place a college can exempt that premise from allowing students carrying in a firearm. This does not mean that a person intent on firing on the public will give attention to the words in place.

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The Arguments Defeated

“The rise in people carrying concealed weapons gives a rise to violent crimes.” That ludicrous statement is like saying a rise in people driving cars will grow the amount of traffic fatalities. It comes back to training and the proper use of a firearm. The facts are that since the inception of states legalizing the idea of CCW, there has not been a rise in any form of crime where a gun would be involved. People are now allowed to carry into many public places and there is no statistical showing of violent crime. That sample of information gives credibility to the fact that college campuses would enjoy the same level of safety for its populace. There are approximately 150 college campuses that allow CCW and each one enjoys a safer environment in the area of violent crime potential.

“Colleges are notorious of being dens of alcohol and drugs, so how can we allow these people to have CCW permits?” States do not allow any of its CCW permit holders to be abusive with alcohol or drugs in the first place. Anyone that is concealed-carry holder cannot be under the influence of these devices at any time, so the same rules would apply to anyone in a college setting.


“A person that is authorized to carry could go berserk at any time and become a shooter.” “An open door to a facility could allow a rapid d­­­­og to g­­o on a biting spree.” “An obese professor could go around stealing the contents of every vending machine on campus.” Do you get the logic or lunacy? Do you see that the “ifs” of life do not match up to the reality of a situation? Once again we hit upon the sound foundation that someone’s license to have CCW has to answer to a prescribed set of regulations to be able to carry. To the contrary, evidence exists that shooters do not have a tendency to simply “go-off” and begin squeezing the trigger.

The arguments continue on and on and for each one there is a sound and responsible counter. The facts are that college campuses are nothing more than smaller “civilizations” that resemble commonplace America. CCW works in other arenas of our society and those campuses allowing it are seeing “proven” safer environments.


According to the record, one-third of crimes against women involves a physical attack. Unlike the comments of a Colorado legislator that told a woman at a hearing on gun-control to “play dead” as her means of self-protection, women need a proactive approach to feeling safe when crossing college campuses. If a potential attacker is facing someone willing to shoot him where his future progeny comes from, he is apt to think again about his initial plan of action.

It comes down to this. Where CCW considerations occur, people are safer. There is no viable reason to refuse to allow CCW permits for people attending, working or visiting America’s state or community centers of learning.

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