The City Of Angels Is At It Again

October 30, 2015

The City Of Angels Is At It Again


Before the ink dried on the new proposed city ordinance taxing firearms and ammunition above and beyond the current taxing to fund “anti-violence” campaigns, a new ordinance has passed and is expected to be signed by the Mayor shortly.

The LA Times reports that “Under the law, handguns must be locked up or disabled with a trigger lock unless they are ‘within close enough proximity and control’ that the owner or another legally authorized user can readily retrieve and use them ‘as if carried on the person.’”

That verbiage was added after police union’s feared that retired officers would not be able to quickly and readily access their firearms. A spokesman for the city attorney Mike Feuer responded to questions about the new ordinance.

Here is what we know:

• Retired Officer’s lives matter more than ordinary citizens
• The determination of whether someone was “in control” will be made on a case by case basis
• While police will not be going door to door making checks (which would violate more than just one of the amendments in the bill of rights) police will have the ability to search while reacting to other calls or in the aftermath of a shooting

At National Carry Academy, we are huge proponents of firearm safety and storage. Personally, I use a bio-metric safe to store my carry and home defense pistol. With that, I do feel that the government, in this instance, is overstepping their role and atrociously undermining the role of government and violating my natural and constitutional rights by implementing this ordinance.

Not only is this law nearly unenforceable, it will allow politicians and bureaucrats to arbitrarily interpret cases that could lead to citizens being stripped of their second amendment rights. This is the state has already called for the ban of “ghost guns with thirty caliber clip magazines that can fire thirty rounds in half a second.”

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