Smoking Guns; Regulating Gun Control

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Smoking Guns; Regulating Gun Control

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online college paper writers. Your company is definitely worth considering for other students. College life is supposed to If you said, “Not much,” you’re probably like most people. If you said, “I like them both,” then you’ve already experienced the next phase of gun control, first hand.

Write My follow site! The quest for knowledge and skills has never been easy, but now as the society goes more information oriented and demanding, the Recent court rulings and electoral recalls have dealt the Gun-Grabbers of the nation a startling rebuke, but don’t worry; they’re already well positioned for their next campaign in the war for your Constitutional liberties. Since they can’t seem to stem the tide of Americans carrying firearms with legal means, they’re doing what all control-freak totalitarians do:
1) Brainwash the next generation into knee-jerk emotional rejection of whatever you consider to be a societal ill, and
2) re-brand the offending societal ill as “evil.” It’s a classic and time-honored tradition.

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I Need Someone Stellar To go to link for Me. Science builds and explores the nature of things and all that surrounds us. From the smallest Remember when smoking was cool, or even, “just OK?” You might. But I didn’t live during the Mad Men era, so like most Americans my age, I don’t remember smoking being “cool.” I do remember being told explicitly that people will pressure me into smoking because it’s cool. From kindergarten through high school, it was drilled into my head that untold numbers of bad people who want me to smoke are just waiting to jump out from around corners to jam poison death-sticks into my mouth until I became addicted. Maybe they’re hired by the evil tobacco companies that use cartoons to enslave children. Maybe they’re older kids who want me to be as cool as they are. Who knows, “but they’re out there, and they’re bad, and those who smoke are killing themselves and trying to kill you, too!”

Not to be uncouth, but the jury is still out on the real dangers of second-hand smoke. Hell, we’ve known for a long time that “smoking-related death” numbers have always been corrupted. The exact same methodology used by the American Cancer Society to “prove” that smoking kills 450,000 people a year also was used to show that smoking saves over 277,000 lives each year. None of this matters, of course. Smoking just doesn’t fit someone’s idea of Utopia, so it must be done away with.

Is smoking harmful? Yes. Is it bad? Probably, but I’ll leave that to the consumer. Is it evil? Only in the minds of those who would love to alter society to fit their whims. Crusades only work against evil, because people tolerate bad—just ask rush hour commuters. But evil is different. Everyone knows that evil needs to be eradicated. So if you want to ban something, it’s not good enough for it to be bad, you’ve gotta make it evil. Again, this is a classic tactic of the Progressive Left—whose first gift to America was the Temperance Movement—so they know a thing or two about banning what Americans love.


“I say, what a fun and free-spirited looking bunch of freedom lovers these lefty-feminists must be!”

“Don’t Smoke” assemblies in the school gymnasium were only the starting point. There was also immense pressure to start banning smoking in public spaces. Then it was the same pressure for private spaces. Laws were drafted in most states to ban smoking in bars, because no natural process of humanity would ever separate a beer from a cigarette. (This is a running theme; the old-school Prohibitionists were also anti-tobacco, too.)

Then came the abolition of smoker’s rights altogether. Smoking breaks? Remember those? Smokers who once were allowed to smoke at their desk and were forced onto the street to have a puff got a special break. That was adequate compensation for most, because by this point, most smokers were self-loathing to one degree or another. No one was proud to do it. No one secretly thought they looked like James Dean anymore. So they took their smoking breaks as offices went smokeless. But it wasn’t long before all the freshly minted non-smokers graduated college having never tasting the sad, bitterness of reality and furiously demanded an end to the unfair extra breaks for those who are just poisoning themselves and raising the rates of the company health care plan.

Thus ended the era of smoking. From the beginning of our nation, smoking was a legitimate pastime, and tobacco was the first cash crop of the new world, which fueled the economic boom that launched a proud nation. The wealth of tobacco gave way to massive legal settlements, and the glamour and healthful look of smoking gave way to tar-stained teeth, and wrinkled, jaundiced skin. In a few decades, the culture was changed without our paying attention; with many even thinking it was a positive thing. Society was turned to the whims of the new prohibitionists. For the most part, smoking is no longer a part of life outside your home.

This formula may sound familiar as you read about the “No Tolerance” nonsense at your local public school. The next campaign in the fight for firearms is already raging, and we’re already losing.

Firearms have one advantage over the other death-sticks, there’s a constitutional protection in place for them. Don’t fool yourselves about the large swaths of the electorate being viciously antagonistic to the banning of guns; there were just as many people in the 1970’s that thought the same way about cigarettes. The nagging temperance-movement fascists will wear down many, as will the brain washing of children.

Americans may accept that guns make them feel safer, but soon it’ll be a shameful thing, and generally acknowledged as a result of societal ills or an outdated mentality. Many of today’s new gun owners will yearn for their children to live in a society where they don’t need to own a gun. Like whiskey and smoking before us, guns and gun owners are being pushed to the fringes of society. The anti-gun commercials have already started, as the famous “no Big-Gulps for you” Mayor Bloomberg starts that trend. Just as Joe Camel was a causality of the smoking wars, maybe Eddie Eagle will be targeted in the new war on guns. This is a war for the hearts and minds of Americans. Even us “bitter clingers” will be too sick of the brow beatings of the jeering masses (“Why do you hate children?! Are you racist?!”) to proudly stand up and declare in public that we own guns.

City ordinances may not be able to ban guns on public streets, but we’ve already seen the pressure on private establishments to prohibit the practice of concealed carry. As it intensifies, the whole purpose of conceal carry may evaporate. Why carry in public if you can’t walk into a restaurant or shop? Like cigarettes, guns are already prohibited by most states in bars.

Government statistics are being created with misleading enough titles to be abused in the media. Remember the media panic a few months ago about FBI “active shooter” statistics? These incidents are very different from “mass shootings,” yet the mainstream media immediately conflated the two and reported that Sandy Hook style shootings were rising. This couldn’t be further from the truth, because unlike cigarettes, which really have very few positive uses, guns contribute greatly to a peaceful society and the protection of law-abiding lives. There’s been a correlation of falling crime rates and an increase in American gun ownership over the last few decades. This doesn’t prove causation, but at least it does prove that more guns doesn’t mean more crime.


One positive contribution of cigarettes: making Clint Eastwood look even more like a baller.

But try telling that to the tear-filled school children who: eat a pop tart into the shape of a gun, drew a picture of a gun, played “army” on the playground with “finger guns,” or even wrote an essay about their experiences hunting with a family member. All were severely punished under “no-tolerance” rules in schools. Suspended, arrested, handcuffed, charged with “terroristic threats,” or otherwise brought into severe discipline for talking about or pretending about a constitutional right. No child was ever treated so harshly for smoking in the bathroom. Shock and awe, give no quarter: if the schools can’t teach that guns are bad overtly, they’ll sure as hell teach it through example. This is the more overtly fascist technique, use fear and punishment to control thought and behavior. It sets a powerful example that some things are not to be tolerated in a “safe” society. “Schools are supposed to be safe, young man! Guns aren’t safe! Principal’s office, now! You’re in trouble!” Let it be known, Thought Crimes are real in America today.

And remember that fabled constitutional right, or those victories in courts we’ve been seeing? Don’t count on that. Laws can be changed. The constitution can be amended (Prohibition wasn’t just a law, it was the 18th amendment.) All you need is enough people to agree, and your rights can be stripped away. Just look at smokers. If you can find any. The only reason we drink freely today is that alcohol is addictive, fun, and associated with decreased inhibitions. Guns are only fun. I doubt very much they could make the constitutional comeback.

So like smokers before us, we will be maligned and alienated from “polite” culture, pushed out of the public square. It may take a few decades, but we face a determined foe. Like smoking, they’ll “educate” the next generation, while pressuring the major retailers to ban CCW. They’ll silence our voices with shame and derision. As the culture shifts, we’ll accept the gradual erosion of our rights, because the only other option will out outright treason, and individual tiny violations don’t warrant that. And so when enough children have been punished into thinking properly, Americans will eventually vote to get rid of their neighbor’s guns.

Can this all be avoided? I don’t know, but make no mistake, this is their plan, and now you know it. And like our Enlightened Betters love to teach us, Knowledge is Power.

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