Shoot Fireworks, not Guns to Celebrate the Fourth of July

September 22, 2015

Shoot Fireworks, not Guns to Celebrate the Fourth of July


Several years ago there were a string of shootings that did not occur from break-ins or other crimes but instead happened in people’s homes and yards randomly. These shootings were the result of bullets that had been shot in the air and returned to earth randomly, killing multiple innocent people. These bullets had been fired in the air to celebrate the Fourth of July but instead ended up causing a tragedy and the loss of innocent life.

What goes up must come down, including bullets.

When a gun is fired into the air it will travel approximately a mile up into the air depending on the angle of fire and the caliber of the gun being fired. Once it reaches its highest point of travel it will begin to fall back to earth gaining speed as it travels back towards the earth. Since the bullet is designed to be aerodynamic there is very little slowing due to wind resistance so the bullet gathers speed until it finds a target on the ground and if this is a person it can be fatal.

So, when you’re celebrating the Fourth of July this year leave your firearms in their holsters and make sure the only thing that gets fired into the air are the celebratory fireworks!

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