Shocking: Carry Permit Holders Rarely Commit Crimes

September 23, 2015

Shocking: Carry Permit Holders Rarely Commit Crimes


Turns Out Legal Gun Owners Are Responsible

By: Jay Busch

Does anyone remember the doom and gloom that was promised back in late 2013 after carry permits became legal in Illinois? Well if you do not, here are a few to refresh your memory:

“Standby and watch what happens. The answer to gun violence is not more guns.”

“Carrying a loaded firearm is the gateway crime to committing a murder.”

“Gun possessors are potential Murderers.”

Ok, the first two heated me up. The third one shocked me. By that logic, all drivers are potential murders as well. These three quotes have two things in common. First, they are blatantly wrong and completely fabricated claims with zero evidence to substantiate them. Secondly, they come from the mouth of none other than freedom hating Garry McCarthy, Chicago’s top police officer.

So here we are over a year and a half later. Has Chicago weathered the certain apocalypse that was scheduled for January 1st, 2014? Has the city seen a reduction in crime? Lets take a look at a local stations in depth analysis of the current state of the Midwest’s most populous and windy state.

On August 14th, the fatal shooting of a man and woman was labeled a murder-suicide by Chicago Police Department. In a city that historically has more murders per year than the amount of troops we lost each year during the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, this should be a page 12 story. But this case is different.

The man who is accused of starting the altercation was a Illinois Carry Permit holder. In a city that is infatuated with labeling itself as the bastion of gun control while tallying the highest shooting murder rate in the nation, this should come as no surprise.

Digging further into violent crimes by legal gun owners, we find that this is the first known incident since the permits were issued where a holder committed a serious, violent crime. Additionally, over the past eighteen months, only about 100 permits have been revoked since being issued, 80 of which took place in Cook County, the home to Chicago.

Illinois is one of the larger population States in the Union at nearly thirteen million residents. Of those, it is estimated that over 120,000 permits have been issued. Statistically speaking, per capita, Illinois has revoked .00083% of the permits issued. Additionally, .0000083% of permit holders have committed a violent felony with their firearms.

To put this in perspective, lets look at the nation of Switzerland, a country that is considered to have one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world. In 2014, there was a recorded murder rate of .49 per 100,000 residents. Additionally, Switzerland trails behind only the US, Yemen, and Serbia in gun ownership per capita. The reason for this low crime rate can be attributed in part to the culture of responsibility and safety that is anchored in society. As young as twelve, children are brought into local gun groups where they learn the proper respect for firearms and the law.

You may ask why I bring this up. Simply put, if you take a look at responsible gun owners in Illinois, who take the time to obtain their permits legally because well, it is the law, have a strikingly close violent crime rate that Switzerland has, the worlds “safest” nation. All of this is being accomplished in the state with one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation.

Peter Squires, a professor of criminology and public policy at the University of Brighton in the UK, has stated:

Social conditions are fundamental in deterring crime. If people have a responsible, disciplined and organized introduction into an activity like shooting, there will be less risk of gun violence.”

Here in America, we call that proper training and an upbringing of respect towards firearms. Without it, many children and young adults are introduced to firearms in a negative light; through violent video games, films, and television.

When we peel back the layers and look at the statistics of crime among those who opt to receive proper training and follow the law, we can begin to realize that America does not have a gun problem. Simply put, we have a cultural crisis occurring that is hampering our ability to curb violent crime.

Instead of banning guns from schools, how about reintroducing the firearm safety classes that we saw in the middle of last century? The statistics don’t lie. With proper training and a respect for the law, permit holders are over seven times less violent than ordinary citizens. Permit holders in the Chicago area are on par with the safest nation in the world.

Every day we hear calls from the far left for “common sense” gun control regulations. What could be more common sense than instilling a respect and understanding of firearms in a controlled method to ensure that all citizens have an intimate knowledge and respect for something that is so prevalent in our culture?

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