Self Defense: Washington DC Burglary Prevented

October 6, 2015

Self Defense: Washington DC Burglary Prevented


Reports this weekend of a triple shooting in Washington DC are now pointing to a self defense application from a armed, law abiding citizen.

A group of four victims were held at gunpoint by Jerome Wright in an attempted burglary. At this point, one of the victim fought back and during the struggle, two of them were shot. One of them, after being hit in the chest, was able to procure the criminals firearm and fatally shoot him.

The identify of the victims is being withheld, but all four are expected to survive. Sgt Delroy Burton of the DC Police Union said:

It’s a justifiable homicide, but the issue is it could have been very tragic the other way.

After an investigation, it was determined that Wright was a career criminal who just spent five years in jail for felony robbery and other charges. He left a halfway house in June and by September he was selling drugs on the street.

Less than thirty days prior to this incident, Wright was arrested for selling cocaine and placed in the back of a police vehicle. He later broke out of the vehicle, assaulted a police officer, and escaped only to be caught about six hours later.

After spending one week in jail, he was released. Less than three weeks after that, he had a gun pointed at an everyday citizen who proved that sometimes even everyday people can show heroic attributes.

In contrast to what many polititions are saying, improved background checks would not have stopped this crime. It is undetermined where he obtained the firearm, but with his criminal record we can be certain it was not legally.

Ironically, Washington DC has one of the nation’s highest murder rates yet some of the most constrictive concealed carry regulations, with about 50 being issued since permits became law in the district less than a year ago.

While this incident turned out for the better, a citizen should not be forced to take a criminals firearm from him for use in self defense. This man could have easily avoided a struggle that resulted in him getting shot if he had his own means to self defense.

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