Self Defense: 76 Year Old Shoots Armed Criminal

September 24, 2015

Self Defense: 76 Year Old Shoots Armed Criminal

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police are confirming that a 76 year old man shot an armed intruder in Indianapolis Monday evening.

Police are confirming that 27 year old Anthony Talley attempted to rob a 75 year old woman at her rental office. When the criminal pointed a gun at her, the 76 year old man was able to use his own firearm to protect his wife, shooting Talley numerous times.

Sgt. Brian Gabel told the Indianapolis Star reporter at the scene that the suspect had multiple open warrants for his arrest including strangulation, drug dealing, possession of a firearm without a license and resisting law enforcement.

While I hope that criminals learn that the profession they chose is profitable, I will continue to carry my handgun every day. Another win for the good guys!

Check out the full story here.

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