Seattle Proposes New “Gun Violence Tax” September 23, 2015

Seattle Proposes New “Gun Violence Tax”

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Buy Adobe SpeedGrade CC 2014 cheap While the attacks against gun rights have skyrocketed in recent years, most have fell by the wayside after failing to gain support among elected officials. After so many failed attempts at stripping citizens of their Constitutional right, you would think that the attacks would slowly subside.

Enter Seattle. From the city that brought you $15 an hour minimum wage (this article will not be my opinion piece on that subject) comes a new proposal on the table that not only undermines individual’s right to self defense, but launches an assault on the Constitution itself.

I want to personally call out the city council member, Tim Burgess, who is the master mind behind this bill. Tim goes on to say:

Gun violence is a huge problem in our city, our region, and frankly in our whole country. We have an epidemic of gun violence.

Now on the surface, this statement is actually true. Over the Independence Day weekend, Chicago reported roughly ten deaths and fifty five additional gun shot victims. During the same time frame last year there was eighty two shot and fourteen people killed. In one city alone.

At first glance, these numbers are staggering, but when you dig a little deeper, most of these violent crimes are being committed by individuals that are not even allowed to own guns. According to, 71% of gunshot victims had previous arrest records and 64% have been convicted of a crime. On top of that,for every victim there was an average of 11 prior arrests.

Now I am not saying that if you have been arrested or convicted of a crime that you are a bad person, but I am stating that an overwhelming majority of shootings that occur in this country are committed by people that have felony records and that legally cannot own a gun.

Seattle’s Tax On Citizens

Seattle’s new proposed tax on firearm and ammunition comes to be $25 for every firearm sold and $.05 per round of ammunition. That box for 9mm that you can get for around $10 would now be $12.50. That is an increase of 25%. What would you do if your city raised its gas tax 25%?

Trying to solve gun violence via this method is like trying to solve prescription drug abuse by charging $25 per prescription for a “drug abuse” tax. Additionally, each pill would be taxed at five cents. Would this hurt the people buying these drugs illegally or would it end up hurting citizens who are legally prescribed the medication? Or better yet, how about charging citizens $25 dollars a month and five cents a word for exercising their First Amendment right because well words hurt too?

Both situations sound asinine, and they are. In those two previous examples, the government is implementing regulations that not only violate the Constitution (well at least the second example), but serve no functional purpose to reduce the negative impact form the issues they were designed to eliminate.

Seattle, please pay close attention. If you pass this bill these five things are going to happen.

1. You local gun shop owners are going to see a sharp decline in revenue from ammunition and firearm sales because these will now occur just outside of the city limits. Shooting ranges and manufacturers will see decreased sales and revenues. When these businesses hurt, so does the city’s budget. They will no longer be paying business taxes. The owners personal income will be reduced, further burdening the city with additional welfare and food stamp enrollment. Business’s will either move or shut down, private business owners are going to feel an unfair impact on their revenues, and people are going to lose jobs (maybe Tim should lose his?)

2. You will establish the groundwork to further have your natural human rights trampled on. Today it is taxing guns to prevent gun violence. Whats stopping the government from encroaching further upon other rights in other categories

3. You will no see any reduction in violent crime. Actually, you are statistically going to see higher violence rates due to citizens not buying firearms and ammunition to defend themselves.

4. You will be violating the oath that you took to defend the constitution and the citizens of the United States of America. I took that oath once and I don’t take it lightly. Neither should you Tim.

5. You will be jeopardizing the lives of your citizens in an effort to make you look tough on crime. These are actual human beings that are going to see the fallout from your failed policy.

Honestly Seattle, you are a beautiful city full of great people. Unfortunately, you are setting your citizens up for failure. Whether or not you live in Seattle, I encourage everyone to reach out to Tim Burgess and tell him exactly how you feel about this bill, I know I did. The proposal hits the council during their July 15th meeting.

Seattle City Council Information:

Mailing Address: Seattle City Council, PO Box 34025, Seattle WA 98124

Email Address: or

Phone: 206.684.8806

We are seeing an exponential growth in government encroachment into our every day lives. This trend will continue to grow unless “We The People” remind our governing body exactly who they report to. Get out, get involved, and ensure that this proposal is shot down and that no further draconian taxes are levied on law abiding citizens.

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