Purse Carry versus Carry Purse

September 22, 2015

Purse Carry versus Carry Purse

Written by: Lynne Finch

I am not a fan of off body carry. It creates risks that do not come with on-body carry, but some women prefer to carry in a purse. So, if that is your choice, there are things you need to understand.

What is the difference between a Carry Purse and Carrying in a Purse? Grab you purse and get your keys, have someone time you. How long did that take? A couple seconds? Now, consider that if you put a gun in your purse it is likely the heaviest thing in there. Where will it be? Probably on the bottom. Which direction will it be pointed? No way to know. What will be sticking out of the barrel? Maybe that pen you dropped in your bag? What will be jammed in the trigger guard? Perhaps a lipstick? Can you see where this is going? It can be extremely dangerous.

A-Carry-PurseA Carry Purse, and there are a wealth of them out there, has a separate compartment just for your gun, usually with a Velcro attachable holster so you can adjust it to fit your needs and direction. Many of these bags also have a wire cable sewn into the shoulder strap to impede the slash and grab thief.

There are a lot of considerations if you choose to carry in a carry purse. It must remain in your control at all times. You cannot hang it on the back of your chair in a restaurant, you can’t leave it in the shopping cart, and you can’t set it at your feet. Just like on body carry, the firearm must remain under your direct control at all times.

town-country-concealment-bag-gun-purseWhich way is the gun oriented? If, like me, you tend to swap shoulders with your bag, you must always be aware of where the gun is pointed to you can access it in an emergency. Doesn’t do a lot of good to rip open the compartment only to find yourself grabbing the muzzle.

Purse snatching is devastating, but what if when you lose your purse you also lose your gun? I do not advocate off body carry, but if you must, be safe, be smart, use a purse with a dedicated compartment for your gun and keep it under your control at all times.

There are some great sources out there, just search on concealed carry purse and you will find some very stylish options.

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