Police Brutality Needs To End Now

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Police Brutality Needs To End Now

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Over the course of the last year, we have seen dramatic changes in the way that Police interact with the populous. Now, before you write off this article due to the title, let me make myself clear: the brutality that I am speaking of is the paradigm shift of certain group’s attitudes towards police officers in this country.

I spent eight years in law enforcement. My sister is a law enforcement officer in a major metropolitan area for four years. Her fiance has done the same for three. The reason I disclaim this is because without any friends or families that are sworn officers, many people form their view of police officers from what they see on the news and social media.

Yeseterday, we tragically lost another sworn law enforcement officer and fellow citizen was gunned down outside of Chicago. This brings the total to nine officers nationwide over the past eight days. While details are emerging, we need to take a look at the cause of this problem and see how it effects every day permit holders.

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Simply put, police officers have been marked by numerous organizations that have called for execution and slaughter of police officers. While I will not get into the specifics of these groups or threats here, we do need to realize that this mentality only foments the issues that many people these days claim to be fighting for.

This threat is forcing police officers to in turn respond with increased force and distress out of fear for their lives. What we are seeing are departments adopting policies that limit police officer’s exposure, reducing the influence they have on the community and negating their ability to properly patrol their neighborhoods.

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Lets put this in perspective. Let’s pick a profession that some people have angst against. Banking.

Just for a second, lets assume I am a banker. While sitting at my desk, I see a news article that states “Group Calls For the Killing of Bankers.” Initially, I would discount this as a activist group gone awry. I would think about it, but I wouldn’t put much thought towards it. The next day, I read a headline that says “Two Bankers Gunned Down On the Job.” A week later, I see another headline stating “Houston Banker Shot and Killed at Point Blank Range.”

As I continue to see these events grow in numbers, I start to shift my mentality. Any meeting that I go into or any clients that I see will cause me to fear for my life.

Lets transition back over to police officers. Day in and day out, police officers all around the nation put their lives on the line to maintain safety in and grow their communities. They have wives, husbands, parents and children that they all want to return home to at the end of the day, just like you or me. When these officers are targeted and those threats are acted upon, this divides the officers and citizenry alike.

Police start to approach more situations with caution because they simply don’t know if this situation could be the next headline. From there, we start to see the trust between officers and civilians erode to a point where we can no longer go back.

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This shift in police mentality is going to effect permit holders and citizens interested in getting their permits drastically.

1. On the surface we could start to see may-issue states start to crack down on the amount permits the states are issuing for fear that police might be targeted. While this thought is misguided – statistically speaking permit holders commit far less crimes that even police officers – it will surface during the process.

2. Police Officers will continue to heighten their situational awareness and caution to coincide with the targeting of their lives and their families. If I were a police officer today, I would approach all people carrying firearms with a heightened level of awareness and suspicion.

3. Police that are responding to a shooting situation are going to take additional time and precautions to ensure that they are completely covered in their response.

As permit holders it will become more necessary to rely less on the policing capabilities of local law enforcement and more on the individuals right, and necessity, to self defense. The seven minute wait for police will grow to ten. Then fifteen. And so on.

We will see a further separation between the populous and law enforcement that will only fester and harbor angst towards each other. Once the trust is gone, neither group will actively seek to co-exist. Your personal safety, the safety of your family, and the right to life will fall solely into your hands.

This needs to stop before we cross a line from which there is no coming back. We as a country need to evaluate the direction in which we are heading. At the same time, we need to remain vigilant and understand that the longer these activities go on, the more and more we as law abiding citizens will have to rely on our own capabilities to defend our interests.

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