Pennsylvania: A Slow Boil to the Death of Gun Rights

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pay someone to do your school project Where To source url writing a dissertation evaluation need help with essay writing Over the past decade, we have all come to know and love lawmakers. They are devoted, focused, and most of all extremely efficient at passing laws that make life better for American Citizens.

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videos 4 General Resources. 5th Grade Math Parent Guide. Ok, in reality they are slow, self-centered, and focused solely on re-election, but they are the ones that need to listen to citizens in order to effectively do their jobs.

How To Write An Essay Conclusion - Order essay writing at a cheap price Pennsylvania residents could soon be burdened by Illinois like firearm regulations if a new bill, SB 1029, makes it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee of Pennsylvania legislator and becomes law. online with the assist of our writing service. Our great team of talented writers is ready to create a splendid college paper especially The bill, which can be read in full here, kicks off a new “Firearm Eligibility License.” While many States have a permit to purchase and permit to carry that assist in processing an approval to purchase firearms, this law FURTHER regulates even the possession.

site. Certified Professional Essay Writers & Resume Experts creating amazing resumes that help clients across the globe win more So if I don’t own a card, I couldn’t go to the range with a friend and shoot. I would not even be able to possess the firearm without asking the State to approve me. Additionally, this opens the floor to a backdoor firearm registry in the state.

Furthermore, this bill would make it a third degree felony to own, possess, or transport a firearm without a card. This is causing ripples because it would make even transporting a cased firearm in your vehicle without a permit from the state illegal. A law abiding citizen, without a permit, who is transporting a firearm in his or her vehicle would loose their ability to own a firearm in this country.

To pay for this implementation, the government would charge you $50 upfront and $30 to renew your firearms license. In essence, by the state passing this law, they are guaranteeing at least $50 from every law abiding gun owner. Not a bad way to make some extra cash for the State, if you don’t include the violation of the second amendment.

Try this on for size. What would happen if Pennsylvania implemented a Free Speech License. This license would be required for you to speak in public. In order to exercise this right, you would need to pay $50 for a license and $30 each year to renew. Do you think that more people would stand up and challenge the government?

The road to complete gun confiscation is not short. It will not be an overnight event. It will most likely come in the form of small, subtle steps towards further infringement on your rights.

If you put a frog in boiling water, it will jump out immediately. If you put it in room temperature water and slowly raise the point to boiling, it will not sense the change and slowly burn to death.

Gun rights are like the frog. If we are stripped of them, the people would surely revolt, but if the right is slowly chipped away over time using the two steps forward and one step back method, we will look back on history and wonder how we let this happen.

Contact your law makers and tell them how you feel. In the mean time, Pennsylvania, if you let this happen you will regret it for the rest of history. Make your voice heard!

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