How To Overcome Your Fear of Carrying Concealed

July 28, 2016

We weren’t all raised with guns. A lot of people pick up a rifle or pistol for the first time for either military or law enforcement training. For those of us who  either grew up around firearms, were involved in competitions, or just had friends who knew how to use them, there is little fear in owning a firearm.

What about daily concealed carrying?

For many, there is a level of anxiety that comes with their concealed carry permit. Although statistics indicate that many more Americans are beginning to carry a concealed firearm, many people don’t trust themselves enough to do it.

Understand That A Gun Is A Tool

The firearm is merely your tool, and you are in complete control of it. If it remains under your control, it will not go off accidentally. As long as you practice firearm safety, you will not accidentally cause harm to yourself or others. If these statements don’t ring true for you, it is important that you train and prepare yourself until they do.

You should know your weapon so well that it becomes part of you. To accomplish this, you’ll need to practice daily, including taking it to the range, dry firing, and making yourself confident whenever possible.

If You’re Responsible, Most People Won’t Care About It

Most people you come across while carrying a concealed weapon won’t even know it’s there. Unless you brandish it, it is impossible for the average person to know that you’re carrying it. Those who have experience handling weapons—particularly those who have a background in law enforcement or the military—are not concerned about it. Most people who carry concealed firearms like knowing there are others doing the same, as long as you are following the law. Obviously, it is more difficult for a violent person to commit a crime when there are more people in the area who are legally carrying weapons.

Follow The Law To The Letter

If you know the law, you know you’re in the right. Every state has its own gun laws. Some are complicated, while others are simple to understand and follow. As the gun owner, it is your responsibility to know the law of the land so that you can be comfortable carrying your firearm.

If It’s Not Showing, Nobody Cares

Similar to the previous point, the better you are at keeping the weapon concealed, the less likely it is that anyone will know it’s there. Look into waistband holsters that are made for your style of carrying and make certain your clothes match that style. If it’s a warm day and you’re just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, it might be easy for someone to spot your full size 1911.

At the same time, if you see someone walking around with his firearm in plain view, it is not your responsibility to tell him. You are only responsible for yourself. Others are not always like you, and some people are even a bit dull. If they don’t cause a problem, you shouldn’t either.

Finally, practicing every day is the best way to get over the fear of concealed carrying. It’s likely that you won’t ever need to pull your pistol or even show anyone your permit. As time passes, it will become evident that carrying your weapon is merely ensuring that you and those you love are protected. The fear is easily overcome.

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