Over Half Of American’s Would Feel Safer If More People Carried

October 26, 2015

Over Half Of American’s Would Feel Safer If More People Carried


A recent Gallup pole revealed that roughly 56% of American’s would feel safer if more people carried firearms. This pole comes as democratic front runners are spouting claims that over 90% of American’s favor stricter gun laws in the name of public safety.

Five-six percentage of respondents stated that they would feel safer while forty-one percent said they would feel less safe and apparently three percent of respondents didn’t quite know what to say.

While it is a shame that 41% of American’s feel law abiding citizens carrying guns would somehow make them less safe, the good news is that a majority of American’s feel strongly about the right to self defense and that number, contrary to what you might hear on MSNBC, is actually growing according to trends over the last decade.

The demographic most for more citizens carrying firearms was male, age 18-29, while the demographic against it was females of the same age. The breakdown appeared that as men age, they feel less safe with more people carrying firearms and women actually feel they are more safe the older they get. These statistics reinforce that the younger generations are still, contrary to what is being reported on, more in favor of firearms than ever.

For this younger generation, it is important to remember that staying active in the community is a must. From passing pro-gun legislation to staying up to date on rules and regulations, it is imperative that as a collective group, all firearm owners and supporters need to stay active and up to date on all things firearm related. We will do our best to do just that here!

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