NRA: A Terrorist Organization…

October 6, 2015

NRA: A Terrorist Organization…


That’s right. The NRA has been labeled a Terrorist Organization by the New York Daily News, the same organization that brings you breaking news on Kim Kardashian and updates on who Miley Cyrus is dating these days.

While I normally take what the NYDN puts out with a metric truckload of salt, I would like to point out that this has become a common trend in the past few years from agenda driven organizations that seek to shift blame for shootings from the individuals over to the firearms itself.

It has become evident that these organizations have failed to muster the base to pass the legislation that they want to. So rather than looking at their agenda and seeing that it might not hold the weight they originally perceived, they in turn label those on the other side of the debate as terrorists, hell bent on destroying America.

Although the NRA is not officially a state-sponsored organization it is the supporter of the state with is massive member and lobbyist donations to our elected officials.

The article goes on to state:

Murdered Americans killed by…lunatic gun slingers include terrified children calling for their mothers, teachers begging for the lives of their students, students begging for not just their own lives but the lives of their classmates, moviegoers looking for escape, bystanders cheering for athletes, athletes trying to be the best they can be as the worst we ever could have imagined struck them down in cold blood.

Pretty compelling argument right? Unfortunately, they fail to mention that all those people that they just listed were killed by psychotic individuals who statistically speaking usually obtain their weapons illegally. Additionally, 92% of said incidences occur when law abiding citizens are stripped of their abilities to defend themselves and others with equal force.

If we are labeling organizations that gun owners disagree with, I am confident that we would need more than a few pages. Keep up the good work NRA and continue to provide law abiding citizens and gun owners with a voice on the national level.

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