National Carry Academy Weekly Training Video: Handgun Grip Tips

September 22, 2015

National Carry Academy Weekly Training Video: Handgun Grip Tips

Each week we at try to bring our users and the general public additional training videos to improve your training and shooting ability. This week instructor Nick Dahlberg of NCA discusses the importance of hand positioning and grip.


Hey Guys, Nick from NCA here coming to you with a video tip and in today’s video tip we’re gonna talk a little bit about hand position of your grip. Just kind a going over the basics of exactly where we place our hands on the gun. So the first thing when we think on picking up a gun, we think about starting with our strong hand, whether you’re left or right handed, it’s gonna look the exact same. I’m right handed so that’s why I’m gonna be doing this.

The first thing I’m gonna be doing is looking to drive the web of my strong hand as high as I possibly can in to the tang or beaver tail what’s kind a referred to as a tang or beaver tail of the gun this part here as high as I possibly can. We’re gonna talk in the video later on about why that’s important in a more specific detail but for hand position that’s, the first thing I’m gonna be looking to do is drive the hand as high as possible into the tang of the gun, fingers obviously gonna be straight along the frame of the gun, off the trigger, my three fingers are going to wrap on the front strap of the gun and another important factor again do ensure that my hand is as high as possible is to get my middle finger to make contact with the bottom of the trigger guard and then finally just some detail on what we do with this thumb more often than not the biggest issue we see is people actually keep this thumb down and that starts to affect to the position of this other hand sometimes it comes on top of that thumb or even underneath. What we wanna do is actually get that thumb up out of the way and sometimes that could be difficult for people to do, it could be because of the actual width of the gun itself so it could be a factor of somebody with the small hands has a hard time actually just having room to actually lift there thumb out of the way. Sometimes people are afraid to lift their thumb up the way because they think it’s gonna get hurt by just having it in contact with the slide which it won’t or that it would impede the function of the slide and actually prevent it from cycling which again more often than not it won’t have any sort of issue with that and we’re not digging our thumb into that slide we’re simply lifting it out of the way to create a void or a space for our other hand.

And again, in another video down the road we’ll talk a little bit about why this is important but I’m trying to get as much surface contact on that gun also again thinking with my support hand here about being as high as possible just in the same way I’m thinking about being as high as possible with my strong hand, I wanna do the same thing with my support hand so I come and make contact with this flashy patch sort of at the base of our palm all the way to the base of our palm really is making contact on that side of the gun. And again, im getting ‘em higher, you can see that my hand is actually at a little bit of an angle it’s not necessarily perfectly straight but a little bit of an angle to again get the palm just a little bit higher. And that could look a little bit different depending on each individual, some people might have a little bit more or less flexibility or range in motion in their wrist and so that could look a little bit different from person to person but in general, I’m trying to have it missed position getting as much surface area contact between my hands and the gun as possible. And that’s what we refer to as a thumb’s forward grip.

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