National Carry Academy Weekly Training Video: Correct Way To Hold A Gun

September 22, 2015

National Carry Academy Weekly Training Video: Correct Way To Hold A Gun

Each week we at try to bring our users and the general public additional training videos to improve your training and shooting ability. This week instructor Nick Dahlberg of NCA discusses the importance of hand positioning and the correct way to hold a gun.


Hey Guys, Nick from NCA here coming to you with another video. This is kind of a follow up to a previous video we did talking a little bit about hand position and today we’re gonna into just a brief explanation of one of the key elements of that hand position which is why it is that we want to have our hands so high on the gun.

We talked about the fact that we wanna position our strong hand, really both hands but more notably our strong hand high into the tang or beaver tail of the gun getting it as high as possible close to the slide as possible close to the axis of the bore. And the reason we wanna do that obviously when we look at a semi-automatic pistol and how it functions obviously this slide reciprocates back and forth as the gun fires as it cycles. And when that reciprocates back and forth, we have this mass that’s moving on top of our hands as it comes to the rear, we experience muzzle flip and so when we drive our hand high into the tang of that gun and get it as close to the slide as we possibly can, we are now minimizing the amount of leverage that that reciprocating mass has over our hand.

Therefore, just makes it a little bit easier for us to keep the gun a little bit flatter and actually reduce the muzzle flip as supposing our hand was very low whether because I just pick it up and it is low in relation to my hand because I didn’t get a good grip or maybe even because just a design of the gun. Some guns out there are designed and there’s a build up of material back here in the frame and just the way that the slide mates up to the frame of the gun, you might only be able to get your hand so high in relation to that gun. I might have to work a little bit harder, set a little more tension in my wrist and other places to keep the gun a little bit more flat. So, very important factor to understand in keeping our hands as high as possible in relation to the axis of the bore to minimize that muscle flip.

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