National Carry Academy Training Tips: Trigger Control

September 22, 2015


National Carry Academy Training Tips: Trigger Control

Each week we at we bring our users and the general public additional training videos to improve safety, your training and shooting ability. This week instructor Nick Dahlberg discusses the importance of trigger control and having a steady trigger finger when shooting.

Video Transcription

Hey guys, Nick from NCA here. Coming to you with another video tip and today’s quick tip is gonna be about trigger control. So, one of the elements that we’re gonna talk about today in regards to trigger control is only moving our finger. So, one of the reasons why some people have a really difficult time with good trigger control or executing good trigger control is inability to actually only move their finger as they’re pressing the trigger. And so sometimes it ends up happening is that we have people who are actually moving their entire hand, the grip tension is actually increasing and now of course moving the gun as they are attempting to press the trigger. So, it’s a skill that takes a long time to develop and we’ll talk later on in and more videos about things like dry practice and how that can help us, but the ability to only move our finger as we press the trigger is a really key element in executing a good trigger control.

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