National Carry Academy Training Tips: Shooting Stance Forward Center Of Gravity

September 22, 2015

National Carry Academy Training Tips: Shooting Stance Forward Center Of Gravity

Each week we at try to bring our users and the general public additional training videos to improve your training and shooting ability. This week instructor Nick Dahlberg continues his discussion on the importance of a good shooting stance when and the importance of having a forward center of gravity when aiming a gun and discussing shooting.

Video Transcription

Hey Guys, Nick from NCA. Again we’re doing another video tip here and we’re talking again about another element of a good stance. So we talked a little bit about natural point of aim. One of the other really important aspects of stance is what we would call forward center of gravity. And so there’s a lot of different ways that we could characterize a stance and most people are very familiar with them sometimes it’s even very intuitive when we talk about sort of an action stance or an aggressive stance in which you have a stable base maybe it’s slightly wider than shoulder width but that could vary for each individual person the joints are slightly unlocked. But one of the most important aspects there is slightly forward center of gravity. So, in order to achieve that, normally what we like to do is not necessarily start bending at the waste or unlocking our joints to a severe degree but simply getting in aggressive stable stance and then shifting the way in to the balls of our feet. Just kind a creating that one or two degree lane forward with our entire body. And what that’s gonna do is transfer the weight in to the balls of our feet which is gonna make it easier for us to move quickly, if we need to move quickly, it creates stability and most importantly it creates stability against that force of recoil, it allows me to now use my body weight to actually manage the recoil of the gun.

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