National Carry Academy Training Tips: Dry Fire Practice Safety

September 23, 2015

National Carry Academy Training Tips: Dry Fire Practice Safety

Each week we at we bring our users and the general public additional training videos to improve safety, your training and shooting ability. This week instructor Nick Dahlberg continues the discusses of dry fire practice and the importance of having a safe area to practice by avoiding keeping any ammunition within the area. Also make sure to check out our blog and learn more about weapon safety/concealed carry by clicking here.

Video Transcript

Hey Guys, Nick from NCA here. We’re doing another video here talking about some more aspects of dry fire practice, dry practice in general and before we start doing some videos talking about different gun handling skills that we can do, dry like reloads, drawing the gun that kind of thing, we’re gonna talk a little bit about some safety precautions that we should take if we’re going to be doing dry fire practice. We alluded to in the last video that obviously dry practice is something you don’t need to go to the range, loo, we’re not firing live rounds. So, if we do dry practice inside of our home, a few things we’re gonna be really careful of in the same way that we’d wanna be careful this things if your somebody who’s carrying a concealed weapon everyday, we wanna make sure that the area in which we dry practice with our gun is completely void of any sort of live ammunition. So, the best practice usually is to keep that dry practice area an actual designated area completely free of any sort of any live ammunition. And then the area that you might go as somebody who carries a concealed weapon everyday to actually load your gun before you put it in your person and begin to carry it, should be totally, physically separate from where you might be doing your dry practice. And that, this will help in ensuring that obviously we don’t have an incident in which we accidentally load our gun we go to perform one more repetition of dry firing our gun, forgetting the fact we just loaded the gun. So, keeping those areas where we might have ammunition or load our gun or unload our gun separate from where we dry practice with our gun inside of our home is very very important.

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