Murder Rates Spike Across America

September 23, 2015

Murder Rates Spike Across America


At Least Thirty Cities Reporting A Spike In Violence

By: Jay Busch

Unless you are Tom Hanks and you just got rescued from an Island, you have probably noticed a trend in the media this year. Violence.

The BBC and the New York Times have published statistics from all across the nation regarding the uptick in violence. While I take what those two media outlets say with a cubic meter of salt, the numbers are what matter.

The most shocking increase comes from Chicago’s step brother, Milwaukee. So far this year, the city has recorded 107 murders through August 29th. It has become such an epidemic that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel actually has a “Homicide Tracker.” This puts Milwaukee on pace to record 162 homicides this year, a 76% increase over 2013 numbers.

Other cities that have seen significant increases in homicides and violence include Baltimore, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, New York City, and Philadelphia.

The Cause?

Some are claiming that it is loose gun laws. Others claim that the increase in firearm sales are to blame.

Yet others, like myself, are noticing a trend that parallels the violence against police (check out this article) stemming from high profile cases since the summer of 2014.

What we are seeing today, in my opinion, is the furthering divide between citizens and law enforcement officers. Groups that are calling for the execution of police offers are gaining momentum using fuel from media outlets. It is becoming all to common to hear individuals and groups calling for the unrestricted targeting of law enforcement officials and certain groups of people.

This increase in violence is spilling over into the general community as more and more individuals become disenfranchised with the idea that street justice will bring about change. Yet others are seizing the opportunity of muzzled police departments that have adopted policies that are attempting to isolate and insulate officer exposure to ensure that they do not become the next headline.

The Effects

So what does this mean for every day permit holders? Statistically speaking, if you live in an area with increased violence, you are exposed to an increased change of finding yourself in these situations.

The first line of defense is always the individual. If you are unwilling to take responsibility for your own personal safety and the safety of your family, you further increasing the chances that you will become a statistic of this violence.

While there are very important issues that our society needs to address as a whole, the simplest and most efficient way of protecting yourself is to ensure that you are carrying on a daily basis and avoiding situations that could put you at risk.

Stay safe. Stay smart. Stay informed.

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