Maine Passes Constitutional Carry

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Maine Passes Constitutional Carry Portland-Head-Lighthouse1

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Following on the heals of Kansas passing legislation that removes training and licensing requirements for citizens who choose to carry a firearm, Maine has become the eighth state to join that list. The governor, Paul LePage, signed the bill into law making lobster and fall foliage two of the top three things that Maine does right.

This new law eliminates the requirement to obtain a permit before carrying a firearm for all residents 21 years of age or older. Additionally, it adds an exemption for anyone between the ages of 18 and 20 who is currently serving in the armed forces.

This brings the total list to Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Texas (light, not part of the eight,) Vermont, and Wyoming.

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As a Marine, Range Safety Officer, and a NRA certified instructor, I get a lot of questions regarding my stance on Constitutional Carry. Obviously, the first question (or assault for lack of a better term) comes in the form “So you believe that we should just give a gun to anyone and not require any background checks or training?”

This question is common simply because most media outlets don’t quite understand exactly what Constitutional Carry involves. When a state establishes these processes, it does not turn it into the wild west. Simply put, this classification only waives the training requirement and the need to get a permit. It does not effect the ability of a person to purchase or transfer a firearm.

While I believe in Constitutional Carry and am a strong proponent of our Second Amendment right, this certainly does not strike the necessity to dedicate time and training to your carry regimen. If you live in a state that follows Constitutional Carry laws, please do not look at conceal and carry training courses as something that you can go without.

Rights Vs Recommendation

When speaking about conceal and carry permits and regulations we need to look at two completely separate categories. Those two categories are rights and recommendations. From the rights standpoint, the Constitution guarantees me the right to own, carry and operate a firearm. It does not state that I need to get approval from the state or take any training whatsoever. From the recommendation standpoint, I encourage and actually beg all individuals to take our course (or any) not because I love having people listen to me for hours but rather because without sufficient training, you would be at a huge disadvantage.

Now lets approach the subject from a legal standpoint. If you find yourself in the situation where you needed to use deadly force to defend yourself or your family and you had zero training whatsoever, what do you think a prosecutor would bring up first? Do you think that he or she would surface the fact that you had zero organized training at all?

Training is vital not only from a tactical standpoint but from a legal standpoint as well. By utilizing organized training and constantly focusing on self improvement you put yourself in the most advantageous situation possible.

In the end it is not only our Constitutional Right to carry a firearm but our natural human right to self defense that is important. Training, even if it is not mandated, should never go overlooked and should be viewed as a vital aspect of becoming a responsibly armed citizen.

Good work Maine, lets keep the momentum!

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