Keep Your Magazines Clean

September 22, 2015

Keep Your Magazines Clean


It’s important to keep your handgun clean and well maintained but an essential component to safe and reliable shooting that is often neglected are magazines. We don’t talk much about a magazine; after all, it’s hidden out of sight inside our handguns most of the time. But without this critical component automatic handguns would not work properly.

Handgun magazines are in a location where they can accumulate debris, dirt and carbon residue from shooting your handgun. If you are shooting in a league and have to reload quickly the empty magazine gets dropped in the dirt. This is why cleaning your magazines is particularly important as they can still function with all this debris but will be less reliable and not work as intended.

You will need the same supplies that you use to clean your handgun including a brush and patch of cloth. Some special tools may be required for disassembly but most basic cleaning can be done with a brush and cloth. First your will want to brush off the outside of the magazine and then wipe it down with a patch of cloth. Next, you will want to clean the inside of the magazine which will require some disassembly. If you use a Glock, for example, you will want to compress the magazine body and slide off the floorplate. Tools are available to help compress the tabs making disassembly easier. Once you can get to the inside of the magazine clean off the entire interior. Never oil your magazine as this will just attract dirt and debris and keep them inside the magazine. If you can remove all the debris with just a cloth a brush that’s great but if your magazines have never been cleaned before you may need to soak them in a solvent for better cleaning. Once you are finished cleaning, make sure the magazine is completely dry before reassembling.

Cleaning your magazines is the best way to ensure that you will never have any problems when shooting your handgun. Remember to make cleaning your handgun and magazines a part of your cleaning routine.

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