Just Another Weekend In Chicago

September 30, 2015

Just Another Weekend In Chicago

A man walks down a street past a handmade sign posted in the Englewood neighborhood in Chicago

It is sad that the fifty three shot and nine killed in Chicago this weekend have become page six material. This ongoing violence in Chicago has sparked calls from the gun control advocates and the gun rights advocates simultaneously.

Many want firearms harder for law abiding citizens to get, thinking that this will stem the violence. Legal gun owners are claiming the opposite. With rising crime and increased gang violence, law abiding citizens are pushing to make firearms less restrictive to get to ensure they are able to protect their family against violent criminals.

Calls from the Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, continue to echo stating that “Enough is Enough” yet violence has risen over 21% on his watch. Yet his city continues its crackdown on ammunition and firearms purchases and carry permits to law abiding citizens.

As we are seeing all across the nation, very liberal metropolitan areas are seeing a drastic increase in violence. For years they have been pushing taxes, regulation and financial burdens to law abiding gun owners and the trend has not stopped.

I hope that soon, some “common sense” legislation will shift the blame from firearms to the criminals that break laws with them, but I am not holding my breath.

To instigate real change, we need everyone to make their voice heard. Whatever you believe, follow this link and send a message to your lawmaker. Get involved, protect your rights, and ensure a greater future for those to come.

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