Guns Save Lives: Shooting in Cincinnati - Receive an A+ grade even for the hardest assignments. Allow the specialists to do your essays for you. Leave your projects to the most September 23, 2015

Guns Save Lives: Shooting in Cincinnati

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By: Jay Busch

In the Marine Corps we had a code that we lived by. God, Family, Country, Corps. Whether you agree with the order of those items or not one thing is true, Family is by far one of the most important values that I hold dear.

Yesterday in Cincinnati, one man was forced to uphold those values when a criminal started shooting at him and his family.

After a heated argument outside of their apartment complex, Thomas McCary began shooting at Jeaneta Walker, Patrick Ewing (as far as I can tell not the Hall of Fame basketball player), and a one year old child.

During the course of this altercation, the criminal, Thomas McCary, was the only one that was hit with a bullet. He was later arrested and taken into custody, putting an end to a extremely dangerous and precarious situation.

Carrying with Kids

The reason that I am highlighting this story is because I wanted to shed some light on a very important topic: Carrying a Concealed Weapon with children.

There is no doubt that children are our most important asset. They are the generation that will shape tomorrow and carry on our legacy once we are no longer here. They are by far this nation’s most integral resource.

Just like we protect our banks and natural resources, we as citizens need to understand the importance of protecting our children as well. In a situation like this, the thought process is completely different than when you are carrying by yourself.

1. If you decide to follow the why site attitude, you will lack the knowledge that you are supposed to have. 4. You Get to Know What Responsibility Is. Homework, if taken positively, is one way through which you are made more responsible for your education. Safety The most important fact of every day carry is safety. When you are carrying with your children or other family members that are not, you now become their line of defense. The situation is no longer about mitigating threats to yourself rather ensuring the safety of your loved ones that otherwise do not have the ability to defend themselves. Always keep your firearm on your person and out of the reach of children or adults that should not be handling them.

2. The College Admissions Review Essay [Mark Alan Stewart, Cynthia C. Muchnick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Actual application Situational Awareness It is vital to know yours surroundings and what is happening even more so when you have children present. We all know how difficult even a simple run to Target can be with young children. Ensure that you know where they are at all times and have to ability to get to them quickly if need be.

3. Skilled and professional essay writers are offering you Exceptional Hot offer to all our clients! Academic success is Mindset Being in the correct mindset with children is key. For instance, if I am at Target and I am by myself, I am more inclined to intervene in a situation where someone else’s life is in danger. I am confident enough in my abilities to ensure that I have the upper hand and am willing to step in and put my life on the line for a stranger. Of course, each situation is different but by having the proper mindset I know how I would react in many different situations. When my family is present, it is a completely different ball game. My number one priority is now removing my unarmed children or family members from any potential threat and ensuring their safety.

The most important thing to remember is that as a mother or father (or even aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa or guardian) your life is no longer the most important factor. The burden of responsibility has now shifted to you to defend those who otherwise cannot. The one year old in the story above more than likely cannot even walk let along defend himself or herself.

The world is a dangerous place. I refuse to wait ten minutes for a 911 call because I almost certainly don’t even have ten seconds. I would love to live in a society where I do not have to worry about violence. Unfortunately, we know that Utopian dream will never be attainable. So in the mean time, I choose to protect myself and my family and recommend that all competent adults with a responsibility to their family realize the role that they play.

Stay safe. Stay smart. Stay informed.

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