Gunned Down by a “Concealed-Weapon Toting” Customer

November 3, 2015

Gunned Down by a “Concealed-Weapon Toting” Customer


That’s right. Over the weekend, we learned of a shooting in Chicago (surprise right?) that involved a permit holder. On Saturday evening, a masked man walked into a store in South Side Chicago, pulled out a gun and announced a robbery.

After pointing the firearm at several employees and patrons, the armed criminal was stopped by a permit holder that had a defensive firearm and took action when he saw that the location was being robbed by an armed criminal.

The criminal, a convicted felon with previous armed robbery charges against him, was shot multiple times and died at the scene. The police are labeling this, based off witness accounts and evidence collected at the scene, as a clear case of self defense.

Pretty cut and dry right? Not according to the Washington Post…

In an article posted by an reporter who has an obvious bias against firearms, the author called into question many facets of the incident. First off, he states “Now the robbery suspect is dead, gunned down by the concealed-weapon-toting customer.”

Gunned down? Concealed-weapon-toting customer? Both of these statements are obviously calling into question the outcome of the entire incident. Lets swing the pendulum the other way and label it “Convicted armed felon unsuccessfully holds up a local establishment after being shot by a law abiding citizen.” Does that not give a more robust snapshot of what actually happened?

Additionally, the family is calling into question why the permit holder shot the felon so many times. They have publicly stated that the criminal was “just turning his life around” and that he had “posted inspirational quotes and photos to Facebook, including a lengthy tribute to God and the redemptive power of grace.”

The Truth Hurts

The reason that I bring up these statements from the author and family is because this seems to be a growing trend. Every day there are hundreds of crimes committed. There are also hundreds of crimes that are prevented. Very few make the national spotlight. Of the ones that do, there seems to be a flood of sympathy for the criminal.

By no means am I stating that someone is guilty until proven innocent, but at the same time if someone puts a gun in your face, demands money and you justifiably are able to defend yourself, why is the media’s go to battle cry that the criminal, who just technically committed attempted murder, along with numerous other felonies, was turning his life around and that he was a good guy?

Calls from individuals saying he was shot too many times or that the permit holder should have “shot to wound” are coming from people who have next to zero training in self defense. If someone is attempting to end my life, I am going to aim at the largest area of their body to ensure that I have a higher chance of stopping the threat while I have what seems like gallons of adrenaline flowing through my body, limiting my vision, cognitive abilities, and activating the human body’s fight or flight condition.

If one’s life is in danger, they are required to make difficult decisions in a split second. Sometimes, the wrong decision can be the difference between life or death. The moral of the story is, if you do not want to get shot, do not commit crimes.

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