Gun Stolen from Permit Holding During Assault

September 30, 2015

Gun Stolen from Permit Holding During Assault


An Oregon man has been arrested after assaulting a 25-year-old concealed carry permit holder and stealing his firearm. The permit holder said he was carrying a XD 40 cal handgun holstered in the small of his back. When he walked into the bathroom around 9pm, the suspect followed the man into the restroom.

Initially, the suspect attempted to grab the firearm from the permit holder. After an unsuccessful try, the criminal proceeded to punch the man in the face, knocking him to the floor and stole the firearm from him. At that point, the criminal pointing the firearm at the owner and left the establishment.

Positive Control and Situational Awareness

Both of these attributes, employed in this situation, could have severely hampered the criminals ability to steal the firearm from the permit holder. Carrying a weapon in the small of your back raises two primary issues. First, it is the easiest location for someone to steal your firearm. Unless you live a little too close to some power-lines and have grown eyes in the back of your head, it is exponentially more difficult to defend against threats from behind you. Second, the location forces your arm to travel the furthest distance to draw your firearm. This increases draw time and decreases your ability to draw on target quickly.

Additionally, keeping a keen eye on your surroundings can help identify potential threats before they become lethal. Paying attention to that “gut feeling” and ensuring that you are keeping a watchful eye on potential threats can minimize the chances of something like this happening to you.

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